Ethical decision

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Honest Decision

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Nursing jobs professionals have to make schedule decisions bearing ethical principles and rules in mind. Appropriate decision-making requires a knowledge of the user interface between nursing, laws, and ethics (Furlong, 2007, l. 29). Although nursing specialists across the world face increasing difficulty when looking to work with ethics amid the complicated ethical decisions and pressure they will encounter. “Notes on Nursing” by Florence Nightingale explains the moral obligations of communication, confidentiality, and the need for fulfilling individual requirements (Ulrich et ing., 2010)

Ethical / Ethical Issue

Karen, a nurse practitioner (NP) fresh out of college, working in slightly town, is visited with a first-time expectant mother (previous menstrual time period – five weeks ago), Susan Ruttley, aged 30 years. Karen wishes to begin prenatal care for the patient, who, although married, visits alone and promises she hasn’t informed her husband of her state, as he wanted to postpone starting a family, owing to financial problems. As part of normal screening, the NP advises testing her for HIV. But Susan declines, claiming the couple was analyzed six years back (a short whilst prior to their particular wedding) and have remained mutually monogamous for 8 years. Many weeks upon, Karen can be visited by a certain Steve Ruttley whose reason for visiting is his recurrent thrush, for which he previously already obtained treatment a split year back. He claims he was diagnosed HIV+ five years ago, that is better half is aware of his condition, and the couple has protected love-making. John statements he appointments a large-town infectious disease expert pertaining to his state, and the qualified recommended immediate treatment, at home, for his symptom recurrence. When Ruben leaves, Karen looks into Susan’s chart, confirming he is her pregnant patient’s husband (Kaplan, 2016).

Honest and Meaningful Dilemma

The above mentioned example is usually one kind of ethical difficulty encountered by NPs. Ethics codes guidebook them with consider to ethically-sound decision-making, but inherently land outside precise guidelines pertaining to wrong and deal with actions. In the case of John and Susan Ruttley, the conflicting decisions experienced by the NP are: treating John with the required legal and professional confidentiality standards, versus warning Susan regarding her probably being attacked with HIV (Kaplan, 2016).

Comparison of Health Issue with Point out Health Regulations

The focus of ethical reflection is, generally, an examination of prior cases having identical contending claims. Tarasoff v. Cal University Regents is a famous case concerning confidentiality