Explain the problems of religious language essay

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Clarify the problems of religious language. (30) Some terms used within religious dialect may be viewed as contradictory to the inherent philosophy and reasonable view while human beings one of these of this would be the story of the ‘virgin Mary’ as there is absolutely no logical explanation to how she provided birth. Lots of the words found in religious language are also spiritual and have not any physical rendering therefore it is very difficult for us while humans to totally comprehend the ideas they are really expressing.

An example of this is certainly ‘God can be timeless’ even as we as humans live in a world where time is very much present so humans’ attempting to understand the phrase triggers problems as it is outside of our past activities. Many of the spiritual questions within religious dialect can be problematic as it can certainly not be solved through technology or the logic for example ‘why had been we created? ‘ or perhaps ‘how would we get in this article? ‘. A lot of scholars believe our man language is definitely not enough to spell out religion as a result we are carrying out God a great injustice simply by attempting to explain it in human vocabulary, and that we ought to not anticipate that applying worldly dialect to religion to be satisfactory for our understanding of it.

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Similarly a lot of argue that we need to not even try to understand terminology hence why synagogues do not pictures of God. It could be argued that by giving Goodness human-esk qualities we are athromorphising god. An additional key factor to religious vocabulary causing complications is that it is extremely difficult to translate whether a thing should be taken literally or non-literally one of these of this can be God turning water into wine a few interpreters might view it in the literal contact form whilst others may suggest that he turned a simple useful resource into a thing much more complicated.

Even if somebodies interpretation is completely correct there exists still zero real technique of proving this. Something else which usually also causes confusion within religious language is the same words having different contexts for example ‘spirit’ one framework is alcoholic beverages the additional is The almighty (the ay SPIRIT) they are to different things and would cause great confusion if interpreted incorrectly.

An additional inherent problem of religious language is the argument that Russell put forward if he stated we need to not believe a statement without any evidence to back itself up with and religious texts offer little or no of this proof. Ayer also stated that ‘if it is far from analytical and cannot be examined, then far better call it cognitively meaningfulness’ this ideology can be problematic pertaining to religious believers as religion cannot be examined.

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