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He kept experimenting with more medications and finally Amazingly Meth. To tell the truth I think that he may have not developed the complete capacity for formal reasoning. This individual also had a lot of several environmental and cultural impacts that a new huge effect on him. Certain things will lead him towards the route of drugs, and he couldn’t reason to himself in a different way. “Now We am within my own system to recover by my dependence on [Nic’s addiction] (p. 305). I feel that way is a good example of how “logical his reasoning really is.

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Apply the concepts of Erikson Theory to Nic’s Development. At 4 Nic’s parents received divorced. That was during the Preschool stage, where the conflict is Effort vs . Guilt. In this level children need to begin asserting control and power over their environment. Nic was doing well with this stage and the school grow older stage too. His grades well very good, he had friends and was active and involved in athletics.

His father thought that Nic was coping well because he was doing so well at school and playing athletics. “Nic was excelling at school and I could have been happier. (30) However associated with Preschool stage ” Nic was able to control his grades, and his actions therefore he was about to effectively show his power. Nevertheless , at age 12 Nic’s father found weed in Nic’s back pack. This is the adolescence level where the issue is Id vs . Role Confusion. That’s where teens ought to develop a perception of do it yourself and personal id. Success causes an ability to stay true to yourself, whilst failure brings about role dilemma and a weak perception of home. Well Nic was not good and faithful to himself mainly because by the grow older 18 he had experimented with various other drugs and was upon looking towards Amazingly Meth.

Now, he provides lost his true id and is heading off monitor. Going into his Young Adult life he was already strong upon Meth. He became a growing number of into the medicine; everyday losing more of himself and harming his friends and family. The bad cycle never seemed to end. 3. Apply Family Devices theory towards the Sheff family members. What concepts are noticeable in their connections? “We are dysfunctional¦I’m uncertain if I know any ‘functional’ families, if functional means a family devoid of difficult times and associates who have no a full selection of problems. (14) The Sheff family was dysfunctional, nevertheless also looking at all the questioned and road blocks they experienced with Nic that can create a strain, which will would certainly not really result in normal functional family. And I would need to agree with David ” I actually don’t know merely know virtually any “functional households.  Nic certainly was the most difficult member in the family members. Calls for the hospitals and long night times wondering in the event Nic was OK are issues his dad became extremely familiar with. Once Nic was on the street, his dad would drive around looking for him, hoping to find him and receive him help. That would trigger strain upon any family.

His dad tried to infuse family functions and family members rules and boundaries; on the other hand Nic will always end up on his own route “Crystal Meth. The family roles were very not clear. Did anyone even genuinely know the real Nic? (probably not) As well, there was seriously never any consistency in the family. I am talking about the father will try his best although things always would get off track in regards to Nic and Meth. What was consistent was the “typical behaviors and “the way that is the family started to be accustom too. Nic’s rest, stealing, and using. In my opinion it seemed like the relatives was little by little disconnecting. Family members are devices of connected with each other and interdependent individuals; non-e can be comprehended when remote from the family. “(pp) four. What attributes of strength do you observe in Nic? * This individual valued learning and he previously excelled in writing. * I believe that he performed have confident relationships with caring adults when he was at the right state of mind. * He also did have problem solver skills. “Now I am in my very own program to recover from my addiction to [Nic’s addiction] (p. 305). This individual did not constantly make the most suitable option but when certainly not on meth he may. * This individual did like to help other folks ” especially his friends and family when he was on the right path.