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Fahrenheit 451

Guy Montag has an emotional dilemma whether to go against the system or adhere to the law. This kind of law forbids the browsing of all books. Guy Montag is a policeman who actually sets literature on fire instead of putting fires out. The choice to betray his guy firemen is inspired when a girls is slain because the girl with caught owning books. She made the empty rooms roar with accusation and shake down a fine dirt guilt that was sucked in their nostrils as they stepped about. (37). Ray Bradburys novel F 451 occurs in a cutting-edge city when a conflict is occurring. Oddly enough the town has its own concerns. The leading part, Guy Montag, goes against society and steals catalogs to read at home, meets a friend to help him in his courageous stand against society nevertheless gets uncovered, then barely escapes his punishment to participate a group of people whom attempt to protect knowledge through memorization.

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At the beginning of the novel Guy Montag is referred to as a minstrel man (4). He is a fireman who also never inhibited the delight of watching pages used by fire flames. (Back cover). He is a brave person that decides to rebel against society. Montag meets a crazy and imaginative seventeen-year old lady named Clarisse McClellan. Your woman tells him of a time when firemen used to publish fires instead of making them. There after, Montag and the other firemen burn a family house filled with ebooks and lose its owner. They crashed the front door and snapped up at ladies, though your woman was not working, she had not been trying to break free. (38). This kind of incident makes Montag begin to think that there is something important and valuable in these books, to get a woman to stay and burn up with all of them. Montag after that starts to obtain curious and reads literature, betraying the firemen.

In the middle of the publication, Captain Beatty, the villain who is the fire captain, detects that Montag is asking the law. Captain Beatty tries to explain the law Every fireman sooner or later visits this. They only need understanding, to know how a wheels run. Need to know a brief history of the career. (53). Montag disagrees with him and meets an old retired British Professor called Faber who also helps him understand the books. The things they are looking for, Montag, are on the globe, but the just way a typical chap will ever see ninety-nine per cent of those is in a book. (80). In doing this he gets wiser and learns more about renowned poets and writers. This changes his out appear on life. His magic formula gets found out and the firemen burn his house which can be where the ebooks are thought to be. The climax is when Montag turns to Captain Beatty with the flame thrower and says We all never burned up right after which sets him on fire, killing him. Beatty flopped repeatedly and over, and at last garbled in upon himself such as a charred wax doll and lay silent. (119). Montag then hardly escapes the fire stations dangerous mechanical chase, by gowing foward the water and floating down stream, disguising his scent.

Then he dressed up in Fabers older clothes and shoes. He tossed his own clothes

in to the river and watched that swept apart. Then, holding his trolley suitcase, he walked

in the river until there is no bottom and he was swept aside in the dark. (135).

Finally, down the river, away from all the exhilaration, Montag starts to feel lonely because it is merely him against every one otherwise in the town. (Down the river) Montag then locates a group of friendly homeless those people who are there for the similar reason, examining books. This group wants to15325 preserve understanding for upcoming generations by simply memorizing paragraphs from literature. They do this therefore they cannot become caught plus it improves their very own thinking. Whilst a battle is going as well as all of a sudden planes came swooping down and bombed the town. The city folded over and chop down down dead. The sound of death came after (160). Montag and his group are safe but the metropolis is flattened. Montag wonderful group in that case decided to go returning to the city that help rebuild expecting that people realize that their methods are wrong. When they inquire us what were doing, you can claim, Were keeping in mind. Thats in which well succeed out in the future. And sooner or later well bear in mind so much that well build the biggest goddamn steamshovel of all time and get the biggest serious of all time and shove warfare in and cover it up. (164)

In conclusion Montag, rebels against society by using Faber, gets discovered and kills Chief Beatty, then escapes the mechanical harrass to join a grouping of homeless persons in the same situation. The author suggests that people should stand up for what they believe in rather than give up. Even though everyone was against Montags thought of reading ebooks does not mean it absolutely was wrong.