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The world of today is one dominated by simply relativism, a point Richard Weaver illustrates when he details the losing of universals in the Western world (14). Consequently, the phrase “going together with the flow” is definitely adopted while the one philosophical tenet with which to stand: it causes no interruptions, keeps you from in the way of others, and does not rock the sevyloyr fish hunter 360. It is the stabilizing agent on the sinking send. Yet, the question arises: who may be or have been steering the boat, and so why be satisfied with keeping the status quo? Costly interesting issue that is double-sided. Perhaps not any greater publisher attempted to answer more directly than Herman Melville. Melville made it specific that Ahab was not sane – and his guidance from the Pequod was a symbol of what Melville saw taking place to our complete nation. The crew “went with the flow” – plus the ship took place. However , Ahab, in his personal way, was rejecting the “flow” of Puritan America – therefore, his stand against the light whale can surely be viewed as heroic. This paper consequently will look on the different ways by which “going together with the flow” may be understood, in both their negative and positive signals.

In our globe, in which everybody seems to desire “control, ” “going while using flow” is similar to opting away – in a sense – with the rat race which usually consumes the soul coming from all those who participate. “Going together with the flow” turns into a kind of Yoga practice – it permits one to undertake a more contemplative stance; this allows person to meditate around the higher points in life – the universals and transcendentals that Richard Weaver describes as all but gone in the current modern life. “Going with the flow, ” through this sense, assumes a positive mild: it is a distinct step away from worldly desire to “control” and a step toward the verification of a bigger “control” – Providence or perhaps Fate, dependant on one’s theological outlook. At least, “going with the flow” in this way can be, as Somerset Maugham said, looking at the moon instead of at the two pence on the floor – for the “flow” one complements is certainly not the circulation of the world, yet of the heart. This is the big difference between the bad and the advantages senses from the phrase.

Within a negative perception, then, “going with the flow” implies choosing the world – doing that which is required of one simply by society (whether for good or perhaps ill), putting on the pretty face, pleasing the ideal people, getting started with in the circulation of the rat race. This flow is the kind that the staff of the Pequod went with: this leads to devastation, whereas the other movement – the flow of the transcendental heart – leads to truth, to reality. As luck would have it, this other flow was Ahab’s.

“Going with the flow” of the heart of transcendence allows person to answer, since Christ recommended one carry out, with basic statements: “Let your presentation be, ‘Yes, yes’; ‘No, no’; and whatever is usually beyond these kinds of comes