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To begin with, in order to appreciate more about the Indio food, we all divided into two parts to investigate, one is the eating habits as well as the other the first is the food culture. In the eating habits, according to the photo that we had taken at the Indio Temple during lunch time, it may see that their particular lunch quite simply contains curry rice, hot cake, whole grain loaf of bread, the fresh vegetables, and the drink. The appearance of the drink appears to be the dairy and yogurt but its style like curry. Regarding the research we found, it stated that the Indio Bengalis diet plan contains the fresh vegetables and rice. Sometimes, additionally they eat parmesan cheese and yogurt (HKBA Hk Bengali Relationship 2016).

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Therefore , that shows that Hinduism eating habits irrespective of in Bangladesh or in Hong Kong are very similar. However, we likewise noticed that these Hindus inside the temple, take pleasure in eating fruit and vegetables and the fruits. For example , oranges, bananas, and grapes. In line with the article, this stated the vegetables, fruits, and grain are count as Sattvic foods, which can be the Hinduism terms means the foods can give you goodness, personable, and balanced mind (Brady 2017). Hindus believe these food types can cleanup their body and mind and thats why they will always consume these foods In addition , we also investigated how a Hindus having a meal. On the Hindu forehead, we did find a majority of Hindus having lunchtime with products, such as a tea spoon. Only a few or non-e of which is using the hand to obtain lunch.

While about the research, it said that the tableware is not often to used to eat food in American indian culture generally in the past, while the Indian think that food is meant to get an entire neural experience therefore when they having a meal, just like curry grain, they merely pick it up employing their hands (Fuller 2018). That shows that there is the difference involving the past and the present in the eating method. The traditional way of thinking is changing slowly from the past to nowadays. Those Hindus came to Hong Kong trying to accept various other regional culture, as Hong Kong is a multicultural city. For example , Hongkongers just like using the place during having the meal and the Hindus attempted to learn from them. That’s why you observe some of Hindus using the tableware instead of using hands when having a meals. Also, the location is one of the factors that lead to the difference. In the past, because India is a low created country, the opportunity of using the utensils during having a meals is low. In contrast, Hk is more advanced nowadays and so the opportunity of using the products is large correspondingly. Therefore, we can see which the traditional mentality and the location are the factors that lead to the differences. In the food culture, regarding the photo we certainly have taken on the Hindu brow, we can see which a bunch of Hindus is seated on the ground and male and women are segregated. They are engaged in the praise and presented the foods to the god. They put a lot of fruits in the center of the stand to give thanks to the our god.

Based on the research, it stated which the process of offering food and water is called Parsada, which means grace, the grace of God, provide someone a blessing. After the god has taken portion in the praise, share the blessing with all the Hindus, then will designate the foods to devotees (Jones and Ryan 2009). Consequently , we can see any time the worship, the Hindus go forward to the table and take those fruit 1 by 1. In the next picture, we can see which the plate is becoming empty. This reveals that the tradition of food lifestyle no matter in India or in Hk is similar, it truly is no large difference between them. Similarly, there is not any big difference between past plus the present. You observe that the Hindus can keep their particular tradition very well from the past till to the current and still follow their own etiquette in Hk. Their traditions of foodstuff culture is definitely not invaded by different cultures even Hong Kong can be described as multicultural town.