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In my opinion the most crucial long-term cause was the making of the units, after all these people were invented thus countries could keep peace and feel safe but instead countries fears increased. As 1879 significant European countries was making forces. In 1882 Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy produced the three-way alliance although this alarmed France, Great Britain and Russia. By 1907 Europe was divided into two camps to assist each other in the event that there was a war.

Another long-term cause is Nationalism and this is a crucial factor individuals started to assume that their region was much better than others.

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After a French presidential candidate said, “to be a great nation you should colonise, nearly everyone would have arranged. This made nations manly and extreme. This business lead onto the Arms Race and Imperialism because Nationalism made the countries believe their nation was better so that they built more ships and tried to conquer more property than other countries because nations thought the greater land you own the more powerful the country was.

In 1800 England and Great britain both acquired large Empires, and these continued to grow during the nineteenth century. Philippines and Italia both desired overseas Kingdoms. So they will united countries for the first time. The actual result was that in the years up to 1900 competition between Western powers even more intense. There was a scramble for territory, especially in The african continent with its wealthy minerals and resources.

Even so there were many long term factors which helped to make the condition much a whole lot worse even though they might not have triggered the war on their own, that they together with the previously mentioned contribute to the outbreak of the war. These factors included rebellions and horrible governments mainly because rebellions were started by the head determine of parliament making every single political decision, which resulted in people begun to disagree and started rebellions. Not only performed most countries have one political decision manufacturer but the as well had dodgy governments who only kept themselves in power by paying enemies.

Every key conflict usually has a short-term trigger and world conflict one is no exception. The result in or ignite in this case was the assassination of Franz Ferdinand and it was important because he was the heir to the Austria ” Hungary throne. A Serbian cannibal, called Gavrilo Princip, slain him and his death provided Austria-Hungary grounds to harm Serbia. They declared battle with Serbia nevertheless the war switched so big because the countries allied with Austria-Hungary as well as the Triple Cha?non also entered war against Serbia. Countries also of that ilk with Serbia, the Ensemble Powers were required to get involved as well. The conflict grew bigger since then deals were made to assure more guys. Like the Uk that joined the battle, who had the Indian Soldires on their side because the Indians thought they’d get self-governance and Freedom because they will, at the time, were being ruled by and ruled by the English.

Of course this event linked to a number of other factors including the Sarajevo trial were a lot of Sarajevo assassin were paragraphs to at least three years in prison, maybe 20 years and a single was sentence to life in prison and others were sentenced to loss of life by clinging

In conclusion I think that the Initially World Conflict started due to long term concerns, the real factors behind World Battle One was your alliances themselves. This was out to me personally because in the event that alliances were not invented the war might have been among only two countries Austria- Hungary and Serbia but Russia acquired involved to protect Serbia. This set off all the other alliances, and before the units a French presidential candidate said, “to be a superb nation you should colonise, this is certainly another with the long term causes that was out to myself, because it manufactured nearly everyone think there countries was the best and the most effective. Which I think made countries join as allies and in addition some countries get furious with each other.