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Differences in appearance between offspring through the same parents may be due to environmental factors which can after that be divided into subunits which includes Ageing electronic. g. Decrease of elastin and moisture within your skin whenever you age causes wrinkles, your back may start to arch or perhaps loss of teeth etc . lifestyle options for example it might be that you dye your hair or perhaps use make-up or the method you design you hair etc . or diseases including Elephantitus causes limbs to swell, Jaundice gives pores and skin a yellowish pigment etc .

These types of factors are some of the ways in distinguishing you from your littermates from the same parents. Innate Factors On the other hand your hereditary make-up also plays a part in your appearance as it affects the height, normal eye and hair color, Skin color, gender and so forth and this is due to the variety of genetics that you end up getting from your parents during meiosis. First you need to know that genetics are parts of DNA (DNA holds the genetic information) and are located on the surface of chromosomes and they contain guidance to make healthy proteins.

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The base sequence of the gene determines the Amino acid sequence and so in turn will determine the proteins/enzymes made which will eventually figure out what we look just like (our Phenotype). Mutations inside the DNA base sequence will produce new alleles of genes. Alleles vary forms of precisely the same gene e. g. they will both code for locks colour but one requirements for brown hair as well as the other codes for blonde hair. Which can be part of the cause there is variant in appearance.

Meiosis is the process that is used during sexual reproduction and this explains just how cells divide to form two daughter cellular material with fifty percent the number of chromosomes (haploid cells) and these are generally all genetically different as a result of having a combination of maternal and paternal chromosomes. As well as this to further boost genetic range, during one of many stages of meiosis known as prophase, innate information can be crossed over between chromatids so every single cell provides a different set of alleles.

Genetic diversity involving the children is usually caused since all of the girl cells during meiosis include a different combination of maternal and paternal chromosomes (half from your mum and half from the dad). If the gametes are produced diverse combinations of these chromosomes enter into each cell. This is known as Independent segregation of chromosomes. This clarifies why we look genetically different in appearance from our siblings through the same father and mother.