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Excerpt from Term Conventional paper:

Forbes Magazine entitled, “In the Pill Box” talks about Walgreen’s Drugstore and the obstacle that it confronts from Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM). This article begins simply by informing someone of the massive growth of the Walgreen’s company. The author talks about that the business stock features risen simply by 3, 000% in the past twenty years and that the shop plans to obtain over 7, 000 stores by 2010. (Lambert) The article also claims that the same-store sales elevated by 9% in fiscal 2003. (Lambert)

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The author contends that even though the company is very success, there exists a threat coming. This danger comes in the form of Drug-store Benefit Managers who demonstrate health businesses and companies how to make medications drugs more affordable. The article explains that PBM’s often encourage these businesses to convince patients to get long term prescriptions through the mail rather than go to a drug-store. Mail buy pharmaceuticals have become more and more favored by consumers. Nevertheless Walgreen’s fears that this practice will begin to affect their pharmaceutical drug sales which accounted for 62% of the provider’s revenues in 2003. (Lambert) Walgreen’s anxieties that if the trend goes on their business strategy could possibly be greatly affected.

The article disagrees that the electricity PBM’s have got stems from the relationships they have built over time with various health organizations and employers. These relationships started in the 70’s as the PBM’s could perform says adjudication pertaining to insurers and pharmacies. Overtime, however, the PBM’s started to perform other responsibilities such as; negotiating drug prices, devising overall health plans intended for employers and insurers and operating mail-order stores. (Lambert) They were also responsible for setting up groups of pharmacies (networks). (Lambert)

Although Walgreen’s is securely against mail order prescriptions, the company basically started a PBM in 1995 named Walgreen’s Health Initiative. (Lambert) This project was created in an effort to combat a number of the ill effects that Walgreen’s sensed would develop if Walgreen’s didn’t produce their own PBM. Although this kind of segment in the company’s business only accounts for a small percentage of overall earnings, the mail buy segment of the company is growing faster than any other sector. (Lambert)

The content explains that many PBM’s had been successful for persuading their clients that mail order is less high priced than filling prescription inside the traditional approach. However , Walgreen’s has directed to a examine performed by the economist Robert Maness and law mentor James Langenfeld, which