Fourteen causes of magnetism and thesis

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Research from Thesis:

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Force 12: Image of Nursing. The VIRTUAL ASSISTANT recognizes the value of specific care to the perception of quality healthcare in its establishments. Even if the entire organization operates in an effective and compassionate manner, if the health professional that cares about a patient fails to deliver on this level of care, the individual understanding of medical care will be diminished. To the end, the organization’s nursing jobs fact sheet proclaims, “VA Nursing Service is dedicated to endorsing optimal health, patient safety, quality health care, and the greatest professional standards, in order to ensure that our veterans receive the best suited care and that our personnel work in the best health care system” (VA Nursing jobs Service, 2005).

Force 13: Interdisciplinary Interactions. The VA’s Web page, “VA Experienced Professionals” (2008) says, “Our doctors, physician assistants, nursing staff, therapists, pharmacists, and other professionals work together in an interdisciplinary proper care team structure” (p. 3).

Force 16: Professional Advancement. VA Signed up Nurses (RN) serve in four career paths which include: clinical, advanced practice, supervisory/administrative, and consultative. Examples of advanced practice roles include Specialized medical Nurse Professionals (CNS), Nps (NP), and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA); nurses during these roles are usually referred to as advanced practice rns (APN) (VA Nursing Assistance, 2005).

Recognized Strengths and Weaknesses.

An elementary weakness with the VA provides historically been a lack of sufficient resources to satisfy its mandate. Indeed, the VA offers experienced a significant increase in the quantity of veteran people seeking healthcare in recent years; actually the number of sufferers treated by the VA elevated from four. 2 , 000, 000 in 2001 to practically 5. your five million 5 years ago, an increase of 29% (Facts About the Department of Veterans Affairs, 2008). Around the plus area, the SE TILL ATT DU ÄR nursing assistance has appreciated the Just fourteen Forces of Magnetism and has applied steps to give information and education relating to these causes system-wide. As one VA doctor emphasizes, “Maintaining a Magnet culture needs a continued concentrate on integrating the Forces of Magnetism in all nursing organizational actions. It took years to create this kind of culture and you will probably now clearly understand that Magnet is a quest not a destination” (Magnet Organization Case Tool set, 2007, s. 3).


The research demonstrated that today, the Office of Veterans Affairs is the nation’s most significant healthcare provider and one of the major healthcare companies in the world. The research also demonstrated that despite some significant constraints to the provision of high-quality health-related services for the millions of veteran patients the corporation has found in the past, the VA can be well positioned to generate, retain, and support a professional workforce also to support the professional practice of nursing jobs in the 21st century. The JCAHO features consistently rated VA services as being corresponding to or superior to their civilian counterparts in recent years, and the gifted and committed nursing staff leading the VA’s medical service is constantly on the provide the perspective and way needed to maintain this organization-wide improvement.


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