Globalization about american international policy

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Jonathan Swift, Foreign Exchange Industry, Aviation Protection, Foreign Exchange Charge

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Dell, HP, Microsoft, Exxon Mobil and Wal-Mart has come about as the strong individuals in the foreign market, which has been possible only because the companies possess avoided and curtailed the possible secureness risk through strategy in which the focus continues to be to aver the security problems either through provisions for the social well being of the people in the region, or through new house purchase (Erik, 2004). The United States offers therefore managed its business lead in the warfare of operate in the field of globalization with the guns of research, technological improvement and solutions fully effective and encouraging.

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It can be proposed that the country should certainly devise a powerful security monitoring system that ought to be compatible to the economic and trade program and cordons of different countries, the government of the United States must not design their economic policies as per the secureness concerns prevalent in the particular regions, rather areas of vital significance of economic and trade sector shall be determined, and the security plan should be desired as per the requirement of that particular company (Joseph, 2005). The usa has realized that if it drops any opportunity, the Indians and China government are prepared to capture all those without any second thought, and so the United States features reached important moment of its record where is usually has to develop economic and trade linkages with the nation on long term basis, the short terms associates need to be ignored.


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