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Research from Case Study:

This can fluctuate slightly with the overall economy and with new products that are created and must be introduced, but the company is relatively stable in that that generally includes a similar level of employees available in any provided month or perhaps year and has had that level of workers since it has recently grown. It is likely that number will certainly continue to rise.

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Description of products/services

General Electric Company makes kitchen appliances, but they also offer aviation goods, electronics intended for consumer work with, electric power generators, parts to get electrical syndication, energy elements and alternatives, entertainment products, financial alternatives, healthcare options, gas alternatives, lighting, train locomotives and train locomotive parts, olive oil solutions, application, water alternatives, weapons, and wind turbines.

It is very easy to see that GE is committed to producing many different kinds of products and getting involved in many different types of products and services. Despite it is many offerings, it is dedicated to being placed first or second in everything that it offers, so that it is standards are high as well as the company always gives the buyer what she or he needs in order to be satisfied with the interaction with all the company (Carlson, 1991). GE did not always offer everything, but it features moved from a single product into other items with rate and guarantee, and still left many of their competitors behind. In the beginning, GE focused on only a few select item areas (Mill, 1947; Woodbury, 1944; Thomas, n. deb. ). It soon started to be apparent the fact that way to go was to expand in to more offerings, however , which has been a business approach that has offered GE very well.

Description of producing operations

GENERAL ELECTRIC used to have almost all its developing in the United States, and it in addition sold mostly to that marketplace. Over time, 2 things were noticed: (1) there were a huge, untrained, international industry which GENERAL ELECTRIC could take by simply storm, and (2) it will make more sense in the event that goods were made closer to where they were being used, because it will greatly reduce the costs to ship goods to consumers.

Because GENERAL ELECTRIC understood how valuable it was to be able to broaden globally, and because the company likewise saw the worthiness in lowered shipping costs, it made the decision that it could move some of its developing operations abroad where the goods it offers can be made with the same quality good results . lower labor and reduce shipping costs – benefitting everyone engaged. Because GENERAL ELECTRIC manufactures several items for most areas of lifestyle, it is not feasible for the company to consolidate it is manufacturing as one place, so the current set-up makes a large amount of sense to get the company (Carlson, 1991).

General, most of the manufacturing that is made by GE is carried out overseas, yet there are still manufacturing plants within the U. S. that make goods for a few of GE’s market sections (Carlson, 1991). Whether it is an undesirable thing to outsource abroad is, naturally , debatable. However , GE can be spending a lot of money every throughout the world, which include in the U. S. It truly is striving for stability in its production, instead of keeping everything inside the U. S. Or outsourcing all of it to other countries where labor is more high-priced.

With a organization as large and intercontinental as GE, it is easy to see that a worldwide method to manufacturing really is needed to be able to please customers, get parts and parts, and provide right delivery to companies and individuals who purchase their goods from GE or one of its subsidiaries. A lot of people do not realize how many things GE actually suppliers, or simply how much space and manpower is really needed to maintain consumer require.

Description of marketing activities

Promoting is anything in which GENERAL ELECTRIC has always been heavily involved (Carlson, 1991). There are many promoting attempts by GE during the past in the United States, and today the marketing is moving more toward Europe and Asia. It does not mean that GENERAL ELECTRIC does not desire to continue to sell to Us citizens, but just that the General Electric company is more established in the United States. Much less marketing is necessary to keep the corporation fresh for consumers, mainly because just about everyone in the usa has been aware of GE, understands what the firm has to offer, and sees this as a top quality brand.

In countries wherever GE is not as well-established and exactly where people are much less familiar with the manufacturer, it is necessary intended for GE to sell more strongly (Carlson, 1991). Their actions can include many techniques from TV advertising to Net and car radio advertisements, along with print multimedia. Because there are several options pertaining to GE and the world may be the company’s oyster at the moment, there exists a need to still spread out into more countries and provide more customers with quality services and goods. It is important for customers to have alternatives, and GENERAL ELECTRIC is helping provide that.

Where the firm advertises and promotes its products/services

Right now, the company advertises through many different kinds of multimedia. Since GENERAL ELECTRIC offers a great many of kinds of products and services, the company understands that only some of it is customers will be acquired in the same way. Where some businesses have to concentrate on a thin target market to get a niche merchandise, GE is definitely concentrating on a large target market, or many more compact market portions that can be folded into one. The picture of the GE consumer is usually far diverse from the customers of various other companies, because GE has so many services from which a person can choose.

A lot of people who acquire GE products may like to watch TV, while others are more interested in radio stations, the Internet, or magazines. By understanding how buyers get their information about a particular kind of product or service, GENERAL ELECTRIC can give attention to what the buyers need and want, rather than wasting period, effort, and money giving goods and services to a wide array of folks that may not be interested in those things. Not necessarily necessarily easy to have so many small goal markets, yet GE is definitely large enough that this can afford marketing gurus who will look through the merchandise and services offerings, study the market, and come up with suggestions for marketing campaigns that it will work for GE based on what the company is attempting to sell and who would end up being most interested.

History of the business

General Electric Company was founded in 1892 by simply Thomas Edison, Edwin Harrisburg, Elihu Thomson, and Charles Coffin (Carlson, 1991). It absolutely was actually the merger of two firms, as there was clearly Edison General Electric and Thomson-Houston Electric Company (Carlson, 1991). When individuals two businesses merged, General Electric Company was born. The two vegetation that were available at that time (one for each from the companies that merged) continue to be open, and so they both carry the GE banner. That is determination and determination. A Canadian counterpart was formed at practically the same time since GE, that was incorporated in Schenectady, Ny and was headquartered presently there for quite some time prior to headquarters had been eventually relocated to their present location of Fairfield, Connecticut (Carlson, 1991).

What are the main events in the history and when ever did they occur

GENERAL ELECTRIC has had a rich background. There have been key events – both good and bad – in its past, that happen to be represented below.

1896 – General Electric power became section of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

1935 – The first waste disposal was marketed by GE.

1942 – GE develops the first American jet engine.

1962 – A GENERAL ELECTRIC scientist called Bob Area invents the solid point out laser.

70 – The GE computers division was sold to Honeywell.

1996 – MSNBC is, in order to take on Cable Reports Network (CNN).

2000 – GE eliminates the the Montgomery Ward company, due to a decline in sales.

2001 – NBC acquires Telemundo, a leading Spanish language network.

2006 – GE Healthcare acquires IDX Systems, a medical computer software firm.

2011 – GE sells NBC Universal to Comcast, but nonetheless owns 48% of the Opportunity.

This schedule is largely just a sampling, because there are so many significant events that GE has become through through the years. They have made the company more robust, and there were surprisingly couple of setbacks. Almost all companies have got setbacks sometimes, but GENERAL ELECTRIC has had fewer of them than most companies it is size. This really is partially due to a good organization strategy right from the start, but also partially since GE responds quickly mainly because it sees that there is a problem. Reacting quickly implies that GE may also recover quicker, which is essential to any organization that wants to continue to succeed.


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