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In cities like Pompeii or Kairo it was commom to write a few political or personal thoughts and opinions. (extract 1)* The word means drawings, markings, patterns, scribbles or messages that are painted, written or carved over a wall or perhaps surface. Even the ancient cave-paintings can be described as graffities.

* Modern day graffiti art originated in New York City in the 1960s.

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(extract 2)* New York Style when it was called in that time, appaered in writings made with markers simply by teens around the subway automobiles. These writings called tags were seen just about everywhere. * There are many types with the graffities however, not all of them can be described as art. For example , tag could be identified as a vintage statement much like I was right here, that demonstrates that the writer is active and continuous to rock and roll.

(extract 3)

5. After the spraypaint had been found out, it separeted the taggers from the actual artists. Label became an integral part of an overall artistic production.

2. Undoubtably, authors wanted to always be known, this is why we can see so many tags and different names on the streets in various forms. (extract 4)* Because the grafiiti developed, copy writers started to color not only walls but trains, buses and tubes.

There was a contest between the finest writers. Usually those authors who had one of the most paintigs called themselves Nobleman or A queen. The style, skill and the ability were the most dominant elements. Basically until the present days and nights these are the key factors in graffiti.

* The unskilled and amatour freelance writers without expertise or design called toys. * It is very difficult to describe who and why persons decide to get involved into the graffiti art. The same as in every different form of art, artists simply come from no place. * Kevin Hickey, police officer of the Ny Transit Authorities Department was asked What sorts of children write graffiti? He replied The type of kids that live in New York City

* There is no basic classification in the writers.

They can be via 12-30 years old and by both gender. * Initially writers used to create fine art alone but as the technology developed so that as graffiti can be illegal that they had to orgonized themselfes in smaller or bigger deck hands because portrait became increasingly more difficult and risky. (extract 6)

* Graffiti can be associated with Hip-Hop culture. This culture contains elements just like breakdance, MC, DJ and graffiti.

(extract 5)

5. Although it is now much more appropriate that it was at the start. (extract 10)

* For instance , artworks that are produced on fabric with spraypaint and in graffiti style can be considered as a great spraycan art. (extract 11)

* Despite that it is approved as an art, the graffiti will be constantly an subway movement.

2. It is important to view and define some kinds of graffiti since art since it challenges people.

2. Graffiti looks in every larger city and even village. A growing number of young people are involved in it.

* Some professional crews have become together to produce bigger and even more spectecular artworks. * They even make videos of their work to demonstrate the younger ages what grafiiti should be.

It can be referred to as a guide for other designers and simple people. Unforunatly such films aren’t broadcosted in the news yet. * Some of the most famous films that show us the the graffiti are: Ill Business, Men in Dark ( certainly not the movie variation ), Filthy Hands and many more. * Garffiti is a very intense, dangerous and risky activity.

Music artists risk their future, lifestyle but not the proud. A number of the artists lost their your life while piece of art difficult spots, (Tenta 2150, Budapest, Hungary)* Whether or not all the public confirms that graffiti art is good, bad or perhaps extremely valuable is a several discussion about evaluation rather than whether or not graffiti art can be art. 5. It is very challenging to create a proper definition about graffiti artwork and what conditions and rules it has as an art. But what is certain that it has form, color and other bottom properties to being an skill.