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COMPOUND PERSONAL PRONOUNS: NOTES: 1 . Reflexive pronouns become the object with the verb, however they reflect the action back in the subject. These types of pronouns will be the same person or thing as the subject. Ex. She blamed very little for the mishap. This individual hurt himself yesterday. 2 . Intensive pronouns simply put force or perhaps emphasis to a noun or pronoun that is already inside the sentence. Ex. You your self wrote all those words. I prepared the meal personally. EXERCISES: Inform whether the underlined words happen to be reflexive or intensive pronouns. 1 . You dressed your self today, couldnt you? 2 . He plonked himself on the floor. You yourself must deliver the package deal. 4. This individual tried to paint the house himself. 5. Jack port and Jill themselves were unable to fetch a pail of normal water. 6. Sally prettied their self up for the dance. six. The soiled stray doggie constantly nicked itself. almost 8. Ms. Adelig suggest we all do the piece of art ourselves. 9. Nancy, Barbara, Sue and i also made the dinner ourselves. 10. Bret let himself down by rope. 11. The fire burned itself out. 12. I will finish cleaning the car by myself. 13. All of us will fix our problems ourselves. 16. Cut yourself a slice of watermelon. 12-15. We dont weigh yourself very often. of sixteen.

I created and tarnished these bookcases by myself. seventeen. Will you two be able to complete the Job her? 18. Bridget organized the presentation by simply herself. 19. Jamie, dont rush your self. 20. We all set up the equipment ourselves. twenty one. The door Just locked alone. 22. Diane must not have enjoyed their self at the rally last week. twenty three. Read the document yourselves, I do think youll equally enjoy it quite definitely. 24. We all Just bought ourselves a brand new 25. He wasnt certain of himself around the high ladder. Interrogative Pronouns Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the interrogative pronoun. 1 ) wants to feature me? b) c) d) 2 . 3. 4. five. 6. several. 8. on the lookout for. Who Whom What Which will About do you wish to meet? did she declare was the success? did you invite? shall I give this to? did he say? do you consider did this kind of? were you talking? will you mean? 10. 11. doze. 13. 16. 15. TO did you give the publication? of the ladies can bring the best? a) was the poem written? trying to find? have you invited? do you think they are? Verbs Questions (Action Linking) Indicate whether the italicized action-word is a task verb or maybe a linking action-word. 1 . I believe that the opportunity you happen to be prescribing can be wrong. 2 . I notice the appears of music. Never have issues appeared so ominous. 5. He is a dentist. your five. It sounds great to me. 6th. The flower smells fairly sweet. 7. Personally i think a sense of catastrophe impending. eight. The story started to be very miserable near its end. being unfaithful. He was very angry if he was advised. 10. This individual looks very important in his fresh suit 1 ) The new Stevie Wonder recording 2 . Two-day-old sandwiches superb. terrible. several. Susan 5. Tyrone five. They the winner. an A student. in a good mood. Typically, connecting verbs certainly are a form of the verb TO GET: IS, WAS, AM, HAPPEN TO BE, WERE, BEEN other common linking verbs: APPEAR, BECOME, FEEL, ACQUIRE, GROW, SIT DOWN, LOOK, DEMONSTRATE

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REMAIN, APPEAR, SMELL, APPEAR, TASTE, SWITCH. Directions: Compose each sentence in your essay below. Circle the linking verb. Bring an arrow to the c omplement. Test linking verbs include: is usually, are, was, were, are Example A: There was a great assembly after lunch. Answer- was- assembly after lunch break 1 . The students in the category are very restless. 2 . The teacher was very worried on the 1st day of school. 3. The team was incredibly excited about the best game approaching on the weekend. 4. They may be very pleased the fact that students could culminate onstage. 5. You are a great scholar because you do all your homework and esteem your instruct.

The good tutor was incredibly polite to her students through the assembly. several. Those five players are very good friends. almost eight. The outfielder was playing too profound in the field, thus he fallen the fly ball. on the lookout for. He was one of the better players around the team, so they gave him the MVP trophy. 10. Were the greatest sports team to ever perform the game. Directions: For each offered sentence, you should fill in the blank using a linking verb. Sample linking verbs include, is, was, were, will be, am Case in point A: We all to go to the videos but it got too late. Response: were going 1 . we 2 . you oing to the game this evening. oing to buy me a Holiday gift. a few. They great group of students to take on an area trip. 5. He a fantastic student in my class. five. you discussing too much in the class. six. She one who arranged the birthday celebration. 8. He take out the trash after dinner. 9. He gonna give his speech, but then he still left it at your home. going to the party, but it received canceled. eleven. The bases going to twelve. They full. 12. The outfielder 13. The three players 14. The crowd 12-15. The students 16. The bases 17. The infielder a fantastic player. close friends. very loudly. happy. bare. he leading man of the game.

Directions: Write the past tight form of every single present tense verb listed below. Then create a sentence with each previous tense verb. Example A: arise Response: arose- My spouse and i arose each day when the sunshine came out. 1 . intensify- installment payments on your withdraw- 3. plead- four. possess- a few. blow- 6th. locate- 7. bring- almost 8. catch- on the lookout for. invent- twelve. climb- 10. cling- 12. question- 13. inform- 18. drive- sixteen. sweep- seventeen. fly- Guidelines: Write the present, past and future anxious of each verb given below. Example A- manage ran installment payments on your hop 4. leap a few. shoot 6th. dribble 7. pass 8. sit on the lookout for. sprint 15. block nnn6. He called the doorbell.. I known as my mother. will manage 1 . Hop 3. neglect 9. The lady made spaghetti. 10. You slept for three hours. Attract a series under the verb and in the blank space, write transitive or intransitive. The math mentor explains the lesson. 2 . I drive my car to operate everyday. three or more. Many pupils sleep past due on the week-ends. 4. Louise finally got her permit. 5. Does your family stay in Minnesota? six. Mark and Mindy seem to be unhappy. six. When do your friends come to the United states of america? 8. For e-mail, you want a computer. being unfaithful. My dad and I always don’t agree. 10. Do you find the address?