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Evaluation of environmental processes involves agents and factors which may cause harm, illness, or perhaps death. Choose one of the subsequent age groups: kid, preschool, and school-age child.

List probably the most frequent reasons behind injuries, disease, or fatality at the grow older level. Discuss and describe safety problems specific to the age, listing the most common causes of injury, condition (acute or chronic), stress, and death for the age level. Describe how well being promotion and health reduction interventions could be incorporated into parent and child educating.

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Including in-text citations and references for every of the educational sources employed. Respond to various other learners’ content in a manner that starts or plays a part in discussion. School-age children, face daily experience of environmental real estate agents and factors that may trigger injury, illness, or loss of life similar to the ones from all other age groups.

Physical agents such as fire; mechanical brokers such as mountain bikes, skateboards, and cars; biological agents such as bacteria; substance agents such as asbestos; and radiological providers such as x-rays are the reasons for injuries or death. Mishaps are the leading cause of fatality in kids over age group 1 year in america. Accidents from contact sporting activities and slashes, falls, burns, and accidental injuries from weapons, are also raising.

Typically school-age boys have more accidents than girls, most likely due to variations in personalities, societal expectations, child-rearing practices, and even more risk-taking manners. Most mishaps happen outside the house, and that occur generally in summer because of outside play. The nurse contains a significant position in teaching parents and school personnel on ways to prevent problems to school-age children and become involved in public places initiatives to create a safer society for them. Parents of these children must be associated with community and legislative actions that provide safe play surroundings.

Each kid should have a well-maintained bicycle, ride only in safe areas given the green light by parents, observe rules pertaining to vehicle visitors and make use of a federally approved riding headgear. Parental direction when kids play close to streets and heavy visitors areas. Children should have on a seat belt or have age-appropriate booster seat because needed; teenagers should trip with restraining system and back chair until grow older 12. Functioning smoke detectors should be set up in residence and school.

Children ought to engage in age-appropriate activities and wear safety equipment based on the sport. Father and mother need to ensure security and repair of all sports activities equipment. Children should play with friends, have got a plan pertaining to returning house, know home phone number and address, perform in secure and noted area, and report any suspicious activity threatening all their safety to an appropriate adult. Children should know how to locate assistance when within an unsafe situation.

Children will need to avoid insecticides, radiation sources, inappropriate make use of medications, and pollution options; parents have to store most known harmful toxins, chemicals, and household washing agents in an adequately ventilated location that is unreachable to children. Edelman, Mandle. Well being Promotion Through the entire Life Span, 7th Edition.