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The current health situation inside the state of Mississippi is definitely disastrous. The state of MS has got the highest percentage of overweight in the United States. The state of hawaii Health Truth says that in 2001, 61% of Mississippians were obese in comparison to 56% for the rest of the U. S. Girl obesity inside the state was a whopping 54% as compared to the rest if the U.

S. for 47%. Similarly, the obesity rate to get males was 69% as compared with 65% inside the rest of the U. S. These kinds of figures happen to be alarming, plus the MS Point out Health Division says it is only getting a whole lot worse. In 2002, 36% of adults had been obese and 2003, 30% of MS high school students had been reported to be obese.

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That equals 66% weight problems for the entire condition. With the condition of MS in downward spiral for health, people need a lifestyle change. My goal is to start a Corporate and business Fitness plan.

Underneath the current market condition, the companys position is a creation and implementation of wellness applications. The basic industry need is the reduction of corporate costs and the increase in employee productivity that can be accomplished through long-term wellness courses. The profile for Company Fitness (CF) customer contains the following: instant geographic target is the condition of Mississippi, the market makeup is 54% feminine, 69% man, and 36% of these people are adult, the behavioral elements are the fact that targets acknowledge the need for work out in their lives and are willing to utilize perimeter benefits that you can get by their company as part of their compensation package deal.

Upon reviewing the possible competition, the two main competitors of Corporate Exercise are community YMCAs, in whose market is mostly lower-income family members and/or pupils who want accessibility and cost of health facilitates, and local fitness centers and gyms, whose market is generally middle to upper class whom generally happen to be fitness searchers that have an everyday regimen.

Through threat and opportunity analysis, our companys threats are more likely going to be from the express residents than from other businesses. Although these threats happen to be identified, various other threats to consider really are a lack of defenses to an downturn in the economy, potential competition from greater, well established competitors, and an alteration in culture where individuals begin to have far more responsibility for their well being. With MSs current express of weight problems, we do realize that we are facing a complete lifestyle transform by the staff of MS. We as well realize that we will be trying to get involved in peoples lives, though positively, and despite this, they are naturally resistant to change as a result of human nature. With MS in an epidemic of obesity, the opportunities happen to be endless.

Some of the options are discussed as follows: You will see participation in a growing industry, An anticipated increase in customers will follow with the acceptance of CFs plan by a single company, plus the ability to impact future quantitative studies that support the debate that long-term health and fitness programs have got a significant, impact on a companys bottom line. We all at Company Fitness imagine this untrained resource is definitely the equivalent to finding the cure for many of the most dangerous diseases in modern society since obesity is in the center of most of such ailments. Each of our major marketing concern is usually to be careful to never drive any individual away with this new support we are providing. Our managers realize that working with individuals health insurance and weight is a very personal subject that a lot of people are just certainly not willing to go over or deal with. Knowing this info, we want to give attention to the Healthy Lifestyle transform, promoting life and good health rather than a They are out of shape and obese change.

Objectives to get Corporate Fitness are to give their customers using a health care expense management software for employees which will increase staff productivity and decrease overall business costs.

Corporate Exercise seeks to perform the following rewards that are crucial to their customers:

Modification CF will give you a totally personalized solution for each company as well as each individual staff within the organization.

Convenience Clients will not use the service in case it is not hassle-free. CF acknowledges this and strives for making their services as practical as possible.