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DOH alarm: HIV instances in first-half 2012 exceed full yr of 2010 The number of individual immunodeficiency malware (HIV) cases during the first half of the season has already overtaken the record for the whole 2010, the Department of Overall health (DOH) explained Friday, underscoring the scary rise in occurrence of the malware that causes the dread disease AIDS.

The majority of the increase was tracked to a rise in male-to-male transmission and the writing of sharp needles among treating drug users in Cebu province.

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DOH Assistant Secretary Eric Tayag said pertaining to the month of June alone, 295 HIV cases were reported to the office, bringing to 1, 600 the entire number of cases in the first half of 2012.

“We will be halfway right now for the entire year and that’s already more than the one particular, 591 for the whole year of 2010,  Tayag told reporters. In 2011, HIV cases were two, 349.

This kind of brings the entire number of HIV cases in the country to being unfaithful, 964 since 1984 when the DOH began reporting HIV/AIDS cases.

Guys having sex with men constitute 87 percent of HIV transmissions documented in the initially six months with the year, with men outdated 20-29 creating most of the cases.

While MSM transmission is the main setting of HIV transmission for a few years today, the DOH is particularly concerned by a dramatic spike of cases involving injecting medication users (IDU) in Cebu City.

“What we’re alarmed about is that for Summer there were additional cases of injecting drug use or perhaps person who provide drugs,  Tayag said. HIV between drug users reached a hundred and twenty during the initial half of the 12 months alone, this individual added. From 1984 to 2008, there are only eight HIV circumstances among medication users.

“You will remember that in 2008 we all only acquired 8 situations, now we have a total of 385 since 1984 when we began reporting HIV,  explained Tayag, adding that all 120 HIV cases among IDUs this year were reported in Cebu Metropolis.

Tayag admitted that HIV monitoring between drug users in Cebu had ended for awhile, discouraging individuals that were injecting drugs from submitting themselves for ASSISTS testing.

“In this period all of us stopped monitoring HIV among persons who inject medicines in that element of Cebu. For quite a while there was simply no fund thus when we performed a study we observed that the quantity of HIV amongst drug users has increased,  he explained.

Tayag said unlike other drug users in some parts of the country, injecting drug users in Cebu Metropolis use controlled medicines. The virus is spread as they share soiled and infected needles.

Tayag revealed that the us government has started an HIV mapping, where parts of the country are marked in terms of AIDS risk. City Manila, Cebu and Davao are marked high risk.

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