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Every origination needs to individual themselves off their competition. By offering the newest and newest products to offering exceptional service. Highland Financial Services Itd. Is no totally different from other companies. Being noticed from other agencies is critical intended for the company’s success. Managing partner Freddie Mack must make use of the information that he has become provided with to look for if he might need to work with or layoff any personnel for the upcoming 12 months. Doing this effectively will help the company reach their goals and insure the businesses well being for the future.

Freedie Mack will need to employ moving common date technique. This technique that averages several recent principles, updated since new ideals become available (Stevenson, 2012 s. 84). Freedie must utilize the following formula. Ft=Man= and E i-t At-i/n= At-n¦+At-z+At-1/n. By taking amounts from each quarter inside the corresponding support areas and dividing the values, Freedie will get the percent’s of growth. The example would be from yr one, one fourth one, assistance A and year two using support A quarter one (60/72=1.

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2% growth projection and then taking 1 . 2% and growing this by 72). This would give the corporation an eighty six in service line A intended for year 3, quarter 1 and so on for each quarter as we will see inside the table below.

Freedie could use this day to determine the expansion or land regarding the demand. He can employ this to predict several years in the future using this approach. Using this technique is easy and clear to understand (Stevenson 2012, p. 85). The observations from the approach are the services scores steadily are increasing with the normal growth if perhaps 1 . 19% in service A, 1 . 15% growth operating B, and. 98% operating C. Support A and B happen to be growing for a higher rate, while services C keeps growing slower. To grow the service areas faster, Highland Financial Services Ltd. should present higher support standards in the current service areas in the coming sectors and years. One alternative the company may choose to explore is way better training to up promote the better service package deal to their consumers. This potentially would raise sales and enable them to hire more personnel. Freedie should be concerned the business is not really growing in the service region C column.

All but one fourth three will be down, the organization must do some thing to improve the servicefor this kind of quarter searching into their procedures strategy. Based on what the corporations current operations strategy is definitely, they may wish to review the strategy. Freedie must use up thus far information on demand forecasting intended for the organization. A very important factor that they can perform is use shorter time frames versus long-term forecasting due to economy or perhaps other exterior obstacles. Employing short time shape forecasting enables the organization versatility if they have to adjust their particular forecast (Stevenson 2012, p. 109).

The corporation should not layoff any personnel, but rather hire more personnel for the business needs as they arise. Even though the trend reveals a raise operating over the next year, they may want to plan for the future and show more in to the next few years instead of just one 12 months. Doing this allows them to work with an appropriate sum of people and also train these to be ready for the upcoming organization gain and future achievement of the business.

Table listed below shows the forecast intended for Year several and the four quarters in the year.


Stevenson, W, M. (2012) Functions Management, eleventh edition, Nyc, N. Sumado a: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.