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Medical center Case Study

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In fact study, it is vital to gather info concerning the topic, or “case, ” after which ask 3 questions. The questions are, “What’s taking place right now?, ” “What do we do regarding it?, ” and “What do we do regarding it? “

In the matter of Faith Community Hospital, there are lots of problems going on that can be split up into three categories:

Organizational process issues.

Ethics issues.

Interaction system problems.

The 1st group of problems that we are having at the medical center fall under the heading of Organizational Processes. The current challenges in this category include a deficiency of organization regarding the creation of a central notion of operation. Everyone from the CEO, to the doctors, pharmacists, and general staff seem confused about just what their job is in terms of moral, belief-based, and “bottom-line” issues. The Mission Statement in the hospital can be symbolic on this problem. That reads:

With the foundation and commitment of the spiritual heritage and principles, our mission should be to promote the health and health and wellness of the people in the neighborhoods we provide through a thorough continuum of services offered in effort with the partners who talk about the same vision and ideals.

Not only is this statement obscure (as is the line between ethics and beliefs), but it points to the glaring opening in the hospital’s ability to set up a process by which the “shared vision and values” could possibly be identified and organized into a procedure for application.

The second problem area is related to “ethical problems. “

The Ethical issues that Faith Community Hospital happens to be grappling with include:

Admiration of affected person decisions depending on personal opinion vs . oppositional law.

Medical center ethics/beliefs will often clash with current regulation.

Patient morals can also conflict with rules.

Patient respect of hospital policy.

Affected person may want services hospital does not condone.

Medical center may want to present service/action affected person does not acknowledge.

Clash of staff vs . patient perception.

Staff may possibly act out of belief against patient would like.

Staff may well refuse actions based on opinion.

Doctor responsibility to patient vs . doctor responsibility to hospital.

Doctor may set patient requirements ahead of interest of hospital.

Doctor may put recognized needs of hospital just before that of the individual.

Money/rules versus patients, or patients versus money/rules.

Personnel may put financial needs of patient over regarding the hospital.

Personnel may place perceived requires of medical center over sufferer