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In the following poems, the different poets show a verity of different attitudes to love. In the poem To His Coy Mistress Marvell is unclear, as we are not aware of weather Marvells feelings are actually genuinely toward his mate or weather conditions he is just trying to get her to sleep with him. Blake on the other hand recognizes love being a dark and dangerous point, which this individual shows throughout the imagery in the poem. Finally Rossetis attitude is a personal and typically positive 1 towards the topics of love and death.

In the poem To His Coy Mistress, Marvell talks about a male who is saying to his enthusiast that if they happen to have all the time in the world her apprehension about having sex would be excellent and this individual could dedicate hundreds of years appreciating her. Yet, in the second component (stanza) Marvells poetry it is some what darker and even more realistic, as he explains to her the truth about the way they dont have all this time and that if she doesnt have sex soon in that case she could die a virgin after which all the worms would eat her virginity away. Within the last part (stanza) he proves his poem by sharing with her for what reason they should have sexual intercourse soon.

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The poem is ambiguous because we do not know the dimensions of the true basis for writing this poem, when he could be only trying to get her to sleep with him or perhaps it could be his genuine feelings:

And you should, should you please, decline

Till the conversion in the Jews.

In the quote previously mentioned Marvell is saying that he’d be happy to wait for her to be ready to have sex with him whether or not it takes forever, this could be Marvell showing his honest appreciate for her or just trying to impress her if it is sweet just to sleep with her.

A great hundred years can be to praise

Thine eye, and on thy forehead gaze.

Yet again do not know in the event Marvell is attempting to express his true thoughts for her or it could be him trying to become sweet once again, but in contrast to before through this quote he can using a affectation. A hyperbole is where you greatly twist something.

My own echoing music: then viruses shall try

That long-preserved virginity.

Through this quote Marvell appears to be encouraging her to rest with him, as he provides her the image of viruses taking/eating her virginity after she drops dead.

Overall Marvell uses his ambiguity expressing his attitude towards appreciate, from his poem we are able to tell his attitude toward love is usually mixed there is the good aspect where you can include a long time just admiring one another and just becoming in like but then, you will find the part when time and fatality catch up with you, break you up and bring the despair into the love.

In the poem The Ill Rose, the poet Blake shows all of us his bad attitude towards love. He shows all of us his attitude through the use of symbolism, the imagery shows all of us the more hazardous, threatening and dark side of affection:

And his darker secret like

Does thy life eliminate.

Even in the title from the poem Blake uses images to show his attitude toward love and death:

The Sick Went up.

This name would be something such as rose although Blake is unique to any various other poet he twists it around to show us his personal attitude toward love. He does this by looking into making the rose sick, equally love and death in a single, which makes it much less romantic nevertheless more disappointing and sad.

This poem is a bit like To His Coy Mistress. Because they are both unclear in their very own way, however The Sick Went up. Is a lot more ambiguous and confusing as possible only guess the connotations of the imagery that he uses:

The invisible earthworm

That lures in the night.

But as opposed to the other two poems, Blakes is much less personal plus more general, in order that it could be about anyone because the different two poems are quite personal and are even more about the writer.

Blakes poem is also very dramatic, to the point when speaking about the data corruption of a relationship when death interferes:

Truly does thy lifestyle destroy.

Total Blake uses a lot of imagery to show his negative attitude towards take pleasure in, as equally time and loss of life will destroy the love of any relationship simply by separating all of them.

In the poem Remember Rosseti shows her attitude to death and love through the personal ness and nostalgic ness of the poem.

As opposed to the various other poems, Remember is certainly not ambiguous in any way, it is very simple and direct as the girl talks about her partner mourning for her following her death:

It will be later then to counsel or to pray.

As well this composition is as opposed to the others as it does not show a negative attitude toward death, we can say that in the poem the few have a powerful bond because they have a Our future planned yet still once she is facing death she actually is more concerned of how her parnter will handle then she’s of her own lifestyle:

Better definitely you should ignore and laugh

Than you should remember and become sad.

In the poem Rosseti gives it an individual feeling by simply including memories from the romance that they will not be able to carry out after this individual death:

When you might no more carry me by the hand

Neither I fifty percent turn to go yet turning stay.

Rosseti also reveals us loss of life in a significantly less threatening method when talking about it, this can be unlike The Sick Rose and To His Coy Mistress. However , what they do have in common is the fact that that a relationship is being concluded due to the fact that a partner is about to die or perhaps has passed away.

Overall Rossetis attitude towards love can be described as more personal and positive than the other poems, she discusses death without fear and it is more concerned about the future and what her partner will do without her. She does this by using small amounts of passionate language, a single piece of imagery and her own personal remembrances.

In conclusion three poets and poems almost all have different attitudes towards and different means of expressing these kinds of attitudes. The first poet person was Marvell uses double entendre to express his mixed frame of mind towards like, as there is also a good side with the loving and friendship, and the negative side where the romance is seperated by time or death. The second poet was Blake. Blake used imagery to shoe us his incredibly negative attitude towards loss of life, as he beieves that like is ultimately doomed, because once again the relationship will be ended by death or period. The last poet person was Rosseti. Rosseti used her personal and sentimental memories to offer her confident attitude to love and unlike the other poems she discusses death without having fear and it is more concerned with her partner than himself.