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Rice was difficult to appreciate at first, every object inside the story symbolizes something significant to the character’s way of living, which in turn tells readers the circumstances the characters happen to be subject to. However the premise in the story quickly became crystal clear to me, it can be representative of the social, meaning, and political aspects of the lives in the Filipinos. This story symbolizes what the peasants and the proletariats in our country are going through right now.

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In the history, the Señora in the Hacienda represents the bourgeoisie, whom oppress the powerless peasants and proletariats who will be represented by simply Pablo, his family, and the fellow maqui berry farmers. Rice as well mirrors the circumstance of suppression and manipulation of the landowners with their laborers. It truly is apparent the moment declaration of five sacks of rice that they obtained will become 10 at collect time. Pablo and his other farmers regularly claimed they may have always borrowed tersiohan, in which four sacks become 6. They demanded that five sacks pertaining to ten is actually much.

Arguilla’s brief story is exploring how the state of mind of the oppressed changes and evolves because they are conditioned and exploited by feudal world in which that they live. Pablo began like a character who appears to accept his modest social position ” a laborer reigned over by his landowner. In spite of being actually, verbally, and candidly suffering from his landowners, he stayed latent in the pitiful condition. Pablo’s action of coming back again home only and endeavoring to eat is a symbol of his approval of his way of life. While Andres, a fellow laborer reveals to Pablo their plans of robbing and assuming control of the pickup truck brimming with grain, Pablo states with Andres and reveals him with the consequences of his prepare. He comments that in the event that they push through, they might be jailed in Bilibid. However , Andres answers that they can really have not lose, but once they action, albeit intend to, they might possess a chance of getting what they want and gaining for something. This can be representative of the Marxist perspective from which Andres is originating from. This as well reminds me of Karl Max’s famous offer often used by rallyists in the area: Workers on the planet unite, you may have nothing to shed but your restaurants. Despite Andres’ reasoning, Pablo remains not sure of what he will perform.

Within a sudden time for events, Pablo sees his wife and children coming home which has a watcher who cruelly costs them with five cavans of rice. This individual hears his wife weeping and his little girl’s cries of hunger. I really believe that this is what pushed Pablo over the edge. This individual at last gathers his solves and brings together his fellow farmers in taking control and robbing the pickup trucks. This personally represents that even a righteous man such as Pablo, when he has already established enough of the abuse and oppression, will choose to head to radical means if it implies that they get what they need and should have.

Oppression itself provokes the revolutionary and extremist reaction of the oppressed. As I was reading the final of the story of Manuel Arguilla, it was the thought that immediately reached mind. I find it empowering somehow, the idea that there will come a time when the oppressed will not likely let themselves be abused any longer. They may take their hammers and the sickles ” and battle.