Identify Unnecessary Services from a Saved Vulnerability Essay

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Published: 20.09.2019 | Words: 348 | Views: 496
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Nmap/Zenman is a credit card applicatoin that allows users to scan networks to see what ports and services will be open. It can be used by network security to find holes inside their networks and plan how to handle them or it can be used by simply hackers in diagnosing other systems to get a obvious look at a networks topology and create where everything is and plan for a great attack. In this case, we have a scan of our network for Corporation Technicians and need to look at what services that we get and make up your mind on whether or not we should keep or get rid of them. According to the search within we have, we certainly have a bunch of difference services that individuals use.

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is just how our staff sent their mail. Mailbox Protocol (POP) is the companies on how all of us receive these people. These are both important in different business so they may send and receive communications so I would not recommend shutting them.?nternet site look through more services that we get on the network, I actually notice that we now have Sophos installed on our iphone app server. Sophos is a company that works in anti virus software. They been in organization for a few years and my understanding they do a fantastic job.

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Yet, in this case we now have enough anti-virus software and our network is very stable. Matter of fact, the scan likewise shows that we now have other IDS and other companies that will shield this network. I believe that Sophos is an excellent service however it is needless at this time thus i would suggest eliminating this. My own plan for getting rid of unnecessary providers is simple.

Proceed though our network to view we have and also have not used and have a list of services that are required to keep this kind of network doing work. Any services that do not make the slice, gets slice.