Installing server roles with batch file Essay

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When using this setting, it exhibits all the functions and features that the storage space can support. All the entries have got a box next to them. A check mark through this box demonstrates you installed the function or feature on the system.

When you give you the name of an XML data file, this mode also areas the information in the named apply for you. The ServerManagerCmd usually logs the results from the query setting. You use the logPath command series argument to specify another type of location for this log.

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Naturally , there’s 1 final concern to consider about the ServerManagerCmd electricity the format in the answer. xml file. Ms strove to hold the structure of this document very simple. All you really need to give is a set of what you want to install or remove. For example , if you wish to install the internet Server role, you make an answer. xml file with all the following content material: Even though the< ServerManagerConfiguration>element shows up on multiple lines from this book, it may appear on an individual line in the file. The Action attribute tells ServerManagerCmd which activity to perform.

You are able to specify Mount or Remove as the actions. The< Role>aspect tells ServerManagerCmd that you want it to install a brand new role with an IDENTITY value of Web-Server. Observe that you must block off the IDENTIFICATION value in double estimates.

Use the< RoleService>element to setup role services and the< Feature>element to set up features.