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It is recommended that CoverAll Insurance Company pick the Cisco WS-C2950-24 for $350 to increase the velocity of it is existing network. Depending on the volume of connections to the Internet, there will have to be one of those Cisco Switches at each inbound Internet area in the firm. It is assumed there is a single Internet connection that CoverAll Insurance Company relies upon today. This table provides the specifications with the Cisco WS-C2950-24.

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Merchandise Description

Gresca Catalyst 2950-24 – move – 24 ports

Unit Type

Swap – stackable

Form Factor

Exterior – 1U

Dimensions (WxDxH)

17. 5 in by 9. your five in back button 1 . six in Fat

6. six lbs



Adobe flash Memory


Ports Qty

24 times Ethernet 12 Base-T, Ethernet 100 Base-TX

Data Transfer Price

100 Mbps

Data Link Protocol

Ethernet, Fast Ethernet

Remote Managing Protocol

SNMP, RMON, Telnet

Communication Method

Half-duplex, full-duplex


Network monitoring, total duplex capability, uplink, VLAN support, feasible, stackable

Up to date Standards

IEEE 802. three or more, IEEE 802. 3u, IEEE 802. 1D, IEEE 802. 1Q, IEEE 802. 1p, IEEE 802. 3x, IEEE 802. 1x


AC 120/230 Sixth is v AC 110/220 V ± 10% (50/60 Hz)

Maker Warranty

Limited lifetime warrantee


Ports Qty

24 x Ethernet 10 Base-T, Ethernet 90 Base-TX

Data Rate

90 Mbps

Data Link Protocol

Ethernet, Quickly Ethernet

Remote Management Process

SNMP, RMON, Telnet

Connection Technology


Communication Method

Half-duplex, full-duplex

Switching Protocol


MACINTOSH Address Table Size

8K entries

Position Indicators

Interface status, hyperlink activity, collision status, slot transmission velocity, port appartment building mode, band width utilization %, power, link OK


Network monitoring, full de dos pisos capability, uplink, VLAN support, manageable, stackable

Compliant Requirements

IEEE 802. 3, IEEE 802. 3u, IEEE 802. 1D, IEEE 802. 1Q, IEEE 802. 1p, IEEE 802. 3x, IEEE 802. 1x

Subsequent, CoverAll Insurance Company needs to firmly install 8 Linksys WRT54GX4 Wireless Routers, which include a 4-port move that facilitates the 802. 11g wireless networking common and also provides VPN pass-through as well.

The WRT54GX4 has to be installed on all the eight flooring surfaces of the building, preferably inside the ceilings previously mentioned each meeting room. The WRT54GX4 attaches directly into the existing CAT-5 wiring already set up in the organization today. As of May, 08 the WRT54GX4 sells to get $126 each, totally $1, 008. While the WRT54GX4 is the most powerful wireless router that Linksys manufactures, you’re able to send workers should be able to use wifi access during each of the ten floors in the company. The next table offers the specifics with the WRT54GX4 wifi router.

Jar Services

Costs for T1 service change significantly across broadband companies. Covad presents full T1 connection support at $369 per month with a switch included. It is more economical for CoverAll Insurance Company to get the Gresca Switch mentioned earlier in this paper. Examination of T1 services provided a range of $365 to $775 for the two-year contract including a Support Level Contract (SLA) to get 99. 999% uptime. Charges is negotiable as many of these vendors include the cost of an increased speed change as well.


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Model Quantity



IEEE 802. 3, IEEE 802. 3u, IEEE 802. 11g, IEEE 802. 11b


14 Channels (U. S., Canada)

13 Stations (Europe)


Internet: One particular 10/100 RJ-45 Port

LAN: Four