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To be sure from the case Intel is actually a big organization which generates microprocessors and software. Through the case we certainly have three characters; Charles Tang, Yong Li, and Qing Chen. The void of the case is a termination of your project that is been carried out by Li that needs to be terminated. In case Tang informs Chen to tell Li that he will have to finish the project he is in credited the aims we not really reached or perhaps followed. The key issue is that the manual of software that was originally supposed to be made by Li has turned into a book, therefore missing the purpose of the project.

When Li is knowledgeable by Chen about the orders stated by Tang, Li gets upset and furious with Chen disregarding her authority. The reasons pertaining to Li to get raise red flags to are that he is rolling out self passions on the task. This lack of authority coming from Li could be a consequence in the power he indirectly gets from the guanxi he has generated over the years with senior managers.

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As well the fact that Chen can be described as woman might have influenced his response. Tang needs to have communicated him self to Li about the project change due to the need for the matter to Li.

Likewise Charles frame of mind to fit a horizontal rather than vertical connection flow. Items in America may work like that but in Chinese are not utilized to direct negative forms. When a Chinese would like to express a bad answer, he or she will never claim no straight but they should go around the subject and look for justifications not to generate it. About saving encounter. Like Chen, any person who will be humiliated losses face. Regarding Chen the questioning of her expert over Li was the fact that made her lose confront.

In a personal opinion how Tang maintained his employees was improper. As mentioned just before, Tang needs to have informed directly to Li regarding his decision to move him to another project. In the case that Chen still communicates to Li the termination of the project Li should be penalize for the reaction. By being a subordinate of Chen, Li must follow orders from above. Otherwise I really believe that he should be told of his position in this company. Furthermore instruct Chen in the artwork of discussion and human resource management.

Another issue is Tang wanting to end up being “one with the bunch of Intel employees meaning that he wants to be considered and treated as one more that could confuse the employees used to practically not dealing with with their companies. Again the top issue in this situatio seems to be conversation. Tang must find a way to reach their employees in a good and effective way and so situations such as this not happen again. Also the very fact that he has been from China too long may cause him to forget basics for with his compatriots.