Internal Accountant’s Report to Management Essay

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Intro Since our company is preparing for an upcoming government contract bid, management has decided that a full Financial Position Review (FSR) prior to the launch of the bid is essential. This kind of report is to provide supporting information prior to the bid in order to evaluate if any irregularities with regard to fraudulence and/or abuse of the firm have taken place and if so , to what result.

The statement is broken into four areas, which will cover information on the effect of potential occupational scam and mistreatment on the business. It will also talk about U. T. government oversight of accounting fraud and abuse and its effect on the business. Section three will provide potential corruption plans to be aware of in the company.

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Finally, some tips will be provided of types of accounting evidence and methods of gathering evidence to back up the FSR and to present reasonable confidence that no irregularities occurred. Occupational fraud and misuse According to 2009 Global Fraud Survey organizations drop about 5% of the gross income to all types of fraud and abuse in the workplace. Moreover, needing to report fraud is very bad for the organization and its stakeholders.

It can cause some unwanted side effects like remunerations and salaries, employee basic, employee rewards, but likewise morale and profits. Likewise occupational ripoffs and violations usually have an adverse effect on the reputation of the organization. In case of an extremely significant scam it may actually lead to personal bankruptcy. U. S i9000. governmental oversight of accounting fraud and abuse There were many significant accounting scandals, like Enron, Computer Acquaintances, Xerox, Adelphia, WorldCom and Royal Ahold, that have had extensive press coverage and, despite the fact that a few of them are already a lot of years before, they are still being reviewed.

Since then innovative, different and strict accounting regulations and rules have been created in order to prevent or defer scam, abuse or perhaps waste. Many of the frauds were with regard to revenue recognition, that has led to many improvements by now. Noticeable alterations have been produced in the way companies from particular industries publication revenues because of the heightened SEC scrutiny of revenue accounting; businesses have become more conservative when it comes to the timing of the earnings recognition.

Especially many Net companies have got reduced the exact amount of the income being known compared to the situation before the increased scrutiny. Relating to a study in FORBES, less scams cases have been reported lately. Enforcement instances and prosecutions over the last decade were perfectly publicized which in turn had a great effect on the attitude of many companies’ elderly management. It is also said that government’s enforcement efforts have had a deterring effect.

Moreover, additional requirements made by Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) made mature executives more concerned about the financial results reported and which they need to sign off. It is obvious that the ALL OF US financial confirming environment has evolved and based on the positive current events, regularly improving reporting requirements, regulations, even greater changes are expected in the future. Corruption plans Corruption offers unfortunately been a very common phenomenon inside the work environment over the years.

It can be defined as ¨an intent to gain particular personal advantage on the cost of organization¨ he/she symbolizes. Corruption schemes are usually broken into 4 main categories: Accounting evidence and evidence gathering methods Gathering accounting facts is a very prevalent activity in auditing. Accounting evidence has been collected applying investigative and auditing procedures.

For research, this is the facts that legal professionals and federal government officials may rely on for very important and high profile instances. For more program reviews because the FSR prior to the bid, it is the kind of evidence that individuals can depend on to give affordable assurance that no problems have occurred. In both circumstances, the accounting evidence should be based on this important features: Since this is known as a FSR rather than an examinative procedure, I recommend the following auditing methods to gather evidence which will provide affordable assurance that no problems have occurred and this our economic statements happen to be relevant and have been compiled within a competent manner and consist of no material misstatements: 2. Compliance screening – to ensure we have an adequate internal control system which it is working effectively; a sufficient level of transaction testing must be performed to provide this guarantee * Hypostatic testing – a. Evaluation of details – for the purpose of the FSR I recommend these types of only when and where the inner control system does not give the assurance we all desire m. Analytical screening – I would recommend these to provide further peace of mind that our economical statements sufficiently reflect the financial position of your company