International Operations Management Essay

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Published: 08.02.2020 | Words: 596 | Views: 415
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Nowadays just about every company desires to gain a competitive edge in the market and then for that it leaves no retail store unturned.

The moment any new development happens although it provides a good area to that but there are equally a whole lot of problems attached to this as well. When a company is thinking of moving from group processing to line control there would be substantial concerns that this following departments might increase and might need to juggle with. The fund department may possibly face the issues of capital investment rising from modest to high level because if an automobile production line can there be then it will not use regular machinery rather would require specialized machines for its creation.

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In a batch processing program the capital purchase is usually noticed to be average and when decision of venturing into series processing is usually taken then simply capital purchases expects to become high. Changing cost may possibly tend to reduce from average level of previous working noticed in batch control. Human resource office would also have to face concerns like limiting the number of labor content and workforce. Usually in flow line processing the workforce can be replaced by simply machinery and supporting components embedded in the systems for example adding a conveyer belt to connect the activities which occur in the company. (Lewis & Slack, 2003). Labor articles in set processing is usually moderate whereas in line processing its low. (McHugh & MuHugh, 1990).

This can be a concern of the human resource department because it would have decisions like lay away, transfer and so forth The accounting department has to be on the toes and fingers because the degree of transactions will increase as the volume might increase i. e. by moderate amount of quantity made to dangerous production. The entries have to be made on a continuous basis as amount or the variety has gone up. The information program which will be used for collection processing will have to more quick and embedded with specialized softwares or systems which usually support line processing characteristics of work.

The connected flow of working will have to be monitored efficiently. The machine of monitoring will have to be modified so as to assist in the current performing. The promoting department may possibly think of the truth that inside the batch finalizing products involved were many and in collection processing the products involved are less hence fewer responsibility, but the quality of promoting expertise would be expected to boost drastically. ( Heizer & Render, 1991 ). A batch method usually executes different production runs several runs nevertheless it’s certainly not in the case of series processing.

The flexibility is usually noticed to be lower in line control and therefore as in batch control where flexibility is seen to get moderate may well create problems for the marketing section. The marketing department today will have to develop such tips which are out of the box and facilitate this kind of larger finalizing function. The marketing office has to style such products which attract the world as they will now not include multiple items which can save their flagging reputation. (Weiss & Gershon, 1989) To culminate I would state that anytime any other procedure flow is usually adopted after that there are certain technical specs which are to get considered as well as the various departments which previously followed a particular line of action need to have the insight of how to adapt to the other one in which they are selecting to opportunity.