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American Values, Trend

Theme 1, Problem 2: Is the information trend, as many students argue, encouraging of simple American ideals? Or is its anarchical nature damaging of families and communities?

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At the heart of the ALL OF US Constitution is a right to free of charge speech, wherever citizens can easily voice opinions and controversy issues without the fear of retaliation from the authorities. In addition , other rights such as the pursuit of joy and at least level of defense against the government happen to be listed in the Constitution. Personally i think these standard rights and values are further focused through the information revolution. Unites states democratic ideology and customized society reaping helpful benefits the whole, is definitely seemingly even more prominent inside the information age than in any previous time.

Hardly ever before has then there been a medium in which the common guy has had all the say being a national newspaper. Nearly anyone with an Internet bank account can make a web site and tone his or her opinions on this sort of trivial things as yesterdays television show or perhaps such important things as upcoming elections and national reliability. With the vast information open to the common person, people are sure together by a network of computers and cables making a type of nervous system intended for the country. With a representative authorities such as the United states of america, a basic aim of the best officials should be to dispense important information to the people and enable debate of issues. So far, television has been the choice channel to accommodate this kind of, however with the Internet, sounds can be read on both sides of the wire. As all those on the Net read the issues, they can collect their own thoughts and write back to representatives explaining their very own views and points of matter. In this respect, the knowledge revolution helps support free of charge speech and government rendering. The information revolution keeps people informed in all problems of importance from your weather to medication safety measures, leading to a rather more convenient and easier your life.

The powerful computers and inexpensive connectivity, common inside the information age, help speed up globalized business and financial leading to more powerful wealthier countries, including the Usa. E-commerce, as it is so called, helps to ensure profound results for customers to find the best rates and buy things without the trouble of lines. With healthier economies and happy buyers, the quest for happiness is simpler to come by. The integration of the planets economy through the information innovation has created fresh standards to get global chances.

Issues of secureness also come up regarding the security of the US citizens against other nations and the protection of the US authorities against Us residents. The United States army enacted the revolution in military affairs based on sophisticated electronic monitoring and digitally guided sac. The author with the article constantly refers to safeguard has openness. With the info age, digital cameras and microphones can be grown in really small places enabling the cctv surveillance of suspicious activity. The revolution in military affairs, enabled by new army technologies, requires profound changes in the U. S. military cortège and in organizational structure to employ their potential. This technology has allowed an average to see how are you affected behind the scenes in battle. For instance, during Procedure Desert Tornado, CNN audiences around the world observed smart bombs seeking objectives in the streets of Baghdad, the Iraqi capital. What they did not see was the attack on Iraqs communications infrastructure or the U. S. included command and control program. The technical advances permit the government to safeguard the people states to a higher level, thus giving protection to the community.

I believe, the information revolution greatly tones up and emphasizes basic American values. Technology makes existence more convenient, less difficult, and more secure. This period is one of the best, in fact , giving Americans more say in political issues and a profound impression of identity.