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Before decade, Hong Kong has been well-known for its duty free and wide range of products, it enables people from your world include a fantastic purchasing experience. Yet , more reports reporting the negative images of Hk tourism which will adversely influences the image of “shoppers’ paradise, are arisen. While several tourists can be seen in tourist spots in Hong Kong, some contend that they no longer select Hong Kong like a travel vacation spot. This newspaper will focus on the both sides of whether Hong Kong is still a shoppers’ paradise and draw a conclusion.

Wide range of merchandises and practical shopping happen to be prodominances of Hong Kong. In accordance to research of Choi, Chan and Wu(1999), tourists happen to be satified with shopping right here as a good amount of goods are supplied and shopping is hassle-free, especially for these “urban entertainment oriented people(Liu, Choi & Lee, 2011, p353). It has an excellent logistic system which supports significant amount of products importing by foreign countries to Hong Kong.

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With an intelligent the system, visitors can entry to different shopping malls easily. Even though the shopping plazas not only offer products of international brands, also produce tourists with different kinds of entertainment, such as karaoke and cinema. This complies with varied needs of the shoppers and permits them to have a great purchasing experience.

Cost and top quality of merchandises are another elements which establish Hk as a searching paradise. As a result of globalization, intercontinental products can be purchased in more countries, therefore cost of goods turn into an essential concern of visitors during shopping. Wong and Law (2003) find out that attractive price are the main reason why european tourists ordering goods in Hong Kong. With inexpensive products, Hong Kong may become more competitive and attract more vacationers to shop below. Apart from value, quality of products is also vital. It is reasonable to believe that no one want to buy the goods which can be ineffective or fail to run normally. The mainland visitors tend to purchase cosmetic and skincare merchandises in Hk, as they share that the goods are good quality with affordable prices(Leung, Regulation & Lee, 2011). Merchandises with top quality control can

induce tourists to look in Hk again and recommend to others.

However , Hk is now facing more troubles which issues its status of shopping heaven. Deteriorating quality of air is one of the concerns. Environment Canada(2002) state that poor air quality in a negative way affects visitor industry. When Hudson and Ritchie (2001) also supporter that more visitors take environmental aspect into mind when choosing vacation spot. It is extensively believed that people like shopping with a pleasant ambiance but not contaminated air. Based on the finding of Law and Cheung(2007), as compared with the visitors’ house countries, quality of air in Hk Still has space of improvement. Air pollution not only causes discomfort to the tourists, it is also harmful to human’s wellness which may affects their respiratory system and cardiovascular system. As a result, poor air quality which do trouble for tourism, is going to frighten the tourists away.

In addition , duplicity and bad attitude of retailers are one other factor harmful the trustworthiness of shopping paradise. In study of Mak, Tsang and Cheung(1998), comparing with merchants in Singapore, Taiwanese tourists opined those in Hong Kong should be even more honest. It is generally satisfactory that no-one like staying cheated, although the shopping malls possess wide range of merchandise, plenty of facilities. It is also discovered that the issues lodged simply by mainland travelers due to duplicity of retailers increased from 197 in 1998 to 316 in 2000 (The Sun, twenty one July, 2001, p. A2). Some people might agree that bad frame of mind avoid them to patronize the shop or perhaps shop in Hong Kong. Taiwanese tourists commented that some retailers in Hong Kong will be unfriendly, impolite and not ready to give info (Mak, Tsang & Cheung, 1998). This might result that tourists will no longer regard Hong Kong as a shoppers’ paradise because they cannot obtain satisfied purchasing experience.

Hk has the ability to be considered a shopping haven. It provides wide variety of products and entertainments and allows tourists appreciate shopping in a shopping mall quickly. Goods in Hong Kong are also high quality although inexpensive. However , worsening air quality and deceitful retailers take the tourists a negative image of Hong Kong, then leading to them no longer want

to shop in Hong Kong.

Hk is still a shoppers’ paradise although improvements will be required in order to maintain the reputation. Teaching to suppliers should be urged. Retailers have direct connection with vacationers that all their performances impact tourists’ impression towards Hk. Another suggestion is that govt should interact personally with Guangdong province. Since most of toxins in Hk are originated in Pearl Water Delta, this can be an direct method to decrease air pollution in Hong Kong.

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