Jail tour overview essay

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Every fresh experience that people encounter concerns and leads to our personal growth. As such, each of these encounters count particularly if it happened within a place that is unusual to me. One of the situations that I will never forget is a time whenever we visited the Arlington Region Sheriff’s Workplace. Arlington County Sheriff’s Business office is one of the many technically advanced detentions in Virginia with direct oversight facility. It is known to be the initially “urban high-rise prison that is run and managed with direct supervision and control.

It is often visited simply by Correlations Officials from worldwide.

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Its architectural design seems to be a non-jail establishment which conceals the extensive high tech security system (Arlington Virginia, 2008). Being inside the said Detention Center allowed me to have mixed emotions”mixed in a sense that my center held selected emotions just like fascination, admiration, happiness, fear and something more which I are unable to explain. I was fascinated by the facilities as well as the high-tech secureness that camouflage with the structure of the building.

That provided me an supposition of how well and appear the prisoners are guarded and closely watched. I adored the advanced technology within it.

I was completely happy because I use experienced getting inside the center and observe the cops and the violators. Furthermore, no matter how positive some feelings might seem, my personal heart fondled fear as a result of judgment that dominated inside my head based on the offenders. I had been somehow frightened but My spouse and i remained to get calm and composed. The Arlington Detention Facility usually takes hold the principle of Immediate Supervision. It means that the detention center is targeted on the personal strength of their staff members and education of the inmates with regards to self-reliance, self-reliance and real life skills so that there would be a loss of recidivism.

In addition, the Detention’s greatly knowledgeable and qualified staff triumphantly supervises the inmate inhabitants which is about 625 (Arlington Virginia, 2008). The overall experience inside the edifice is great. Just how I constructed pictures inside my head about it is very much unlike what I have observed. I have not imagined which it looks like a dormitory since jails to me are composed of prison pubs; however in there, the building is made up of rooms with a door rather than with penitentiary bars.

This kind of experience altered the way I actually view prisons. Nevertheless, low tech detention centers does not need to to be in comparison with it provided that their écuries supervise the violators correctly and properly. But it cannot be denied that high tech securities are definitely of great help to the detention’s supervision administration. Reference Arlington Virginia. (2008). Arlington Region Detention Service. Retrieved 04 01, 2009, from http://www. co. arlington. va. us/Departments/Sheriff/SheriffCorre