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Investment capital

Description: Located at each of our corporate office buildings in The european countries or the US and confirming directly to the leadership, you’ll certainly be responsible for formulating leading and executing our global approach. Success in this position will probably be measured by the creation of short term shareholder value through our low fat execution roadmap.

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Major job targets include:

  • Lead each of our fundraising delivery by handling potential shareholders
  • Drive startup investments decision process coming from lead to homework and content funding support
  • Grow each of our Fortune 500 corporate collection and foster deep romance with relevant CVC and MA groupings
  • Develop proper alliances and exit methods for our stock portfolio companies
  • Foster deep romantic relationship with top rated investor organizations, VC lovers and leading accelerators
  • Very own and progress due diligence and drive offer execution with investment financial institutions and law firms

Why are you the right applicant for this work?

I really believe that I have a combination of soft and hard skills that position me personally as a solid candidate for the job: I have worked in the VC sector before, I produced a strong network in the startup company sector. Previously, I handled and designed the research process by origination and due diligence to execution and portfolio managing. I helped in elevating funds for the $50 , 000, 000 fund and i also developed ideal partnerships using a leading US institution and a vendor bank. As interim COO for a tech startup and drilling industrial engineer on rigs in the Middle East, I received experience in managing diverse teams starting from 10 to 80+ persons. Through my natural affinity for venture capital and former corporate organization development experience, I developed a CVC and MUM group network and have a sense for where the industry is definitely heading.

How does arriving at LBS relate to who you are and who you wish to be in the future? POUNDS was a launching point to grow my executive background by developing solid technical and leadership expertise. Having examined with a keen and varied student body system, I obtained confidence to evaluate my abilities and use leading organisations in the economical and technology sector. LBS’ vast alumni network as well as the lasting personal connections We made throughout the MBA let me be a well informed and well connected decision-maker. Looking backside, what is the managerial fulfillment that you are the proudest of to date?

Managing the various 80+ labor force on a drilling rig in the centre East as Night Drilling Supervisor is my proudest managerial accomplishment to date. For two years, I use spent 2-3 weeks every months upon rigs flying via heli. The working environment is unique: think about a large stainlesss steel platform, 100s of miles far from land, wily wind, groaning machinery and heavy oceans. Operations expense from three hundred, 000 per day and every minute counts. As Night Going Supervisor, I had been in charge of preserving high into the safety, technical, and behavioural standards up to speed the rig. I would prepare and display screen daily procedure programs for critical mistakes. If I overlooked anything, I actually and 80+ people could possibly be in danger of equipment failure, volatile fire, or hazardous gas. As a manager, I organised my crew to large standards and continually searched for excellence.