Judaism in american judaism nathan glazer examines

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In American Judaism, Nathan Glazer examines the first way Legislation culture has developed in the United States. I wanted to interview a member in the local Hillel about how your woman felt regarding her Jewish heritage, personality, and community. In particular, I was interested in meeting with someone who was to His home country of israel because it would provide me with insight into the ways Judaism has developed differently in the us vs . Israel.

My interview subject explains herself since Jewish and says that she has been proud of staying Jewish and has had simply no direct experience of anti-Semitism because your woman was born and raised within a predominantly Jewish neighborhood. Most her close friends from senior high school were Legislation, and her identity was socially built in this way. Once she came to college, she was concerned with anti-Semitism, although claims the presence with the Hillel upon campus has helped her to combine into the grounds community and retain her strong Judaism identity. When asked what exactly it meant to be Jewish, your woman told me it turned out difficult to answer because she was born Jewish and experienced that it was just like being a element of any other cultural community. This kind of reflects Glazer’s observations that American Judaism has evolved while an ethnicity. Glazer phone calls it a “nation-religion, inch and when I prefer this term, the interview subject agrees that it is reasonably accurate (p. 4). Glazer assumes that American Jews have developed an cultural consciousness mainly because many religions are linked to ethnicities inside the multicultural surroundings. It can be perplexing for outsiders to consider Jewishness since an cultural as well as a religious dimension, especially given the truly great diversity in Jewish tradition in the diaspora. When mentioned the selection of Jewish culture inside the diaspora, the interview subject matter said that distributed Jewish identity transcends right after in culture. She stated that the Sephardic Jews that she knows have more in keeping with her than people from East Europe, where her Ashkenazi family came from. This “ethnic element” is usually “essential for the Jews, inches as Glazer points out (p. 5).

When I asked about her experience in Israel, the interview subject said that it absolutely was interesting just how different Jewish culture is usually expressed presently there vs . The United States. The interview subject visited Israel within a high school program referred to as High School in Israel. In Israel, your woman claims, they just do not differentiate between categories like Reform, Traditional, and Orthodox. These types are obviously American, which is the way Glazer frames it in American Judaism. In Israel, Legislation religious providers and rituals at home are definitely more uniform in nature. Individuals are either more devout, or perhaps they are fewer devout. There are other differences that are vital that you the appearance of Legislation ritual and custom, such as the services.