Juxtaposing sherman alexie s brief story what you

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What You Pawn I Will Get

Lucille’s Quest to End Loneliness

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In Sherman Alexie’s brief story “What You Pawn I Will Redeem”, the main figure Jackson Jackson goes on a “quest” to collect one hundred dollars in order to buy his grandmothers pow wow regaliawhich was thieved many years preceding from a pawn shop owner. Nevertheless he would not make the a hundred, the owner chooses to give him the regalia anyway and so he both equally fails and succeeds in the quest. Having been not able to associated with money, although his actual goal was to get the regalia back and so he is eventually successful. In a similar vogue, Lucille, in Marilynne Robinson’s novel House cleaning embarks on her own “quest” to have a secure home that will enable her to be accepted by majority of her society in order that she is will no longer lonely.

It is noticeable early in the novel that Lucille étendu for the acceptance and company of individuals other than her aunt and sister. If the three happen to be trapped within their home as a result of a avalanche Lucille is usually eager to keep and try to locate other people. The girl refuses to play cards and tells her aunt, “I want to find other people” and even implies how they may be found (Robinson 51). Sylvie responds that “it’s the loneliness. Loneliness bothers lots of people” and tells Lucille and Ruth a story with regards to a woman she believed lost her children or never had all of them and made them up and was probably the loneliest person she realized even though the girl was surrounded by others at train areas (Robinson 51). This ultimately ends up being accurate for Lucille by the end in the novel while she has lost her aunt and sister and equally Sylvie and Ruth believe she is in Boston thinking that she will no longer be unhappy among all in the people, nevertheless she may in reality end up being lonelier right now without the appreciate of her family because all this wounderful woman has now is the firm of other people. In the final lines in the novel Ruth as the narrator writes, “No one watching this woman¦[could] know how her thoughts are thronged by our absence, or perhaps know how the lady does not watch, does not hope, and always personally and Sylvie” (Robinson 157). Though Ruth suggests that Lucille does not watch or aspire to see them, it is possible that Lucille can be afraid to accomplish these things mainly because she is convinced that the two are dead and wanting that they may possibly return can be potentially more painful than accepting their particular deaths.

By the end of “What You Pawn Let me Redeem”, Jackson Jackson is overall effective in his search because he leaves the pawn shop with his grandmothers pow wow regalia even though this individual did not fulfill the terms which were initially set by the pawn shop owner. Lucille alternatively was total unsuccessful in her quest because her main goal was to no longer be lonely this is why she strived so hard to fit into societys mold and expectations. Nevertheless she detects a stable home and is able to fit into the expectations of society, Lucille ends up arguably lonelier that she was before as she is between strangers whom do not really know her and has alienated the few loved ones she had left by simply refusing to accept them as they were before they are thought to have determined suicide.