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About three many years ago, the intellectual subdivision could have been questioned if you posited that one day, the use of personnel in the global economy more than likely be needed anymore.

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In recent years, technology had taken a solid shape. Since the Blockchain technology was been deemed with mistrust, robots included a hammer that threw many off balance. In developed/supposedly first-world countries, automated programs have been in work with for many years. Alternatively, third-world/developing countries of the world will be yet to get in contact with this amazing technology.

Robotics is at a stay even though many are yet to tune in, it’s previously churning away positivity in applied areas. Developing robotics does not arrive without hindrances. As a relatively unknown technology, there seems to become shortage of tools for its expansion. Coupled with this can be the fact that the use case is limited to public situations. The major downside in the robotics industry can be its limitation to the previously mentioned area. Robots are scarcely used in the property.

There are many robotics in existence for different work with cases. Drones are typically sort of this. Shop around you. Likely to surely discover you have software in your home apart from you’ll classify your washing machine as such? Yet, there are many robotics in five-star hotels and manufacturing businesses. This problem has to be nipped inside the bud especially if manpower has to be automated.

A Working Product

To solve appearing issues in the robotics market, Kambria was developed. The main purpose of this task is to commercialize robotics, rendering it available in our homes and also other limited areas that are however to experience its marvelous touch.


As posited by simply its staff, coming up with successful robots can be not a job to be remaining for one developer. Hence, Kambria is set to issue offers to worthwhile users. Before hand, Kambria’s team had done a similar job known as Ohmni. It was a great offshoot of OhmniLabs. Might be use, Ohmni brought a large number of changes to the industry just like reduction of developing robotics and rendering it more applicable in the home.

Kambria is poised to get more prospects to the robotics industry. That features a five-man architecture which will be used to pass on its quest. The main idea you have to eliminate here is that Kambria is aimed at making robotics development soft.


Aside making robotics development easy, system also is aimed at making you think at home. Based on the Blockchain, Kambria can remove the logjam of sluggish development in conventional robotics industry. The Blockchain is usually reputed because of its scalability and this will be brought to bear within the platform. The distributed ledger technology (DLT) will also decentralize data and make the ecosystem vibrant.

As a creator, you acquire incentives at the time you aid the development of a robotic on Kambria. What’s more? The earned symbol can be spent same way as fiat values. The interoperability and liquidity of Kambria’s token helps its exchange with leading fiat currencies such as EUR and the USD.


Kambria will certainly feature an all-encompassing ecosystem that’ll host crucial stakeholders. Participants in the environment are designers, users, corporations and backers/investors. Companies can adopt readily available robotics about Kambria or place the specs of preferred robotics.

Kambria can hedge existing issues inside the robotics market. Its system was patterned as a source comparable to Linux and Android. To assure scalability, Kambria features different architecture such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), computer software and equipment.

Similarly, it’ll use the technology provided by the Blockchain in facilitating speed once developing robotics. Likewise, builders will be held happy. That is where Kambria’s token-economics is available in.

Programmers are rewarded with its token for their initiatives to the success of the job. Simply put, Kambria will take out bottlenecks in traditional robotics industry.