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Bullying, Cinematography, Kid Observation, Pakistan

Excerpt from Film Assessment:

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Time goes by, Hassan’s friends and family leaves Kabul and Amir’s family also need to escape to Pakistan then to bring together States. Hassan however by no means feels hatred for Amir. Something strange for a kid, Hassan names his child Sohrab following the character in story informed by Amir.


You will find two incredibly contradicting individuality shown inside the movie. Among Hassan and the other of Assef. The children are delicate and delicate. Also the kids are anxious and usually avoid threat (Lereya, Samara, and Wolke, 2013). Inside the movie however , Assef is totally insensitive. He could not merely rely on spoken show of his prejudice and hatred. Assef grows up with these characteristics and to have got a ‘better future’ in Afghanistan, this individual joins Taliban. Rather than taking on the extremist religion viewpoint of the group, this individual continues to have got his nasty inner self satisfied by abusing kids (Lereya, Samara, and Wolke, 2013). Now he received Hassan’s child Sohrab. This is the most incredible, strange and bizarre minute of the motion picture (Effects of Bullying, and. d. ). It is hard to imagine that somebody can have got such a deep seated hatred that he displays his hatred till next generation by bullying, misusing and harassing Hassan’s boy. Just like the father just like the son.

Besides Assef’s behavior, Sohrab’s character is also strange. He does not have any drive to live a free existence, or at least it seems like so (Lereya, Samara, and Wolke, 2013). He wonderful family are so misused that they have lost the wish to have a fully independent and prosperous life. Even if that they could not modify their future, they may hate those that misused these people and did not help in hard times. But Hassan and his son’s characters are created such that they will never hate nor do they lose loyalty.

Amir’s character is much less critisized however he will not show normal child tendencies too. Since the children might shout while seeing criminal offense scenes or they will shout for support but that is not happen in case there is Amir. He gets rid of Hassan by accusing him of theft. Hence Amir indirectly punishes the victim not really the assaulter.

Recommended or Not

Not really recommending film production company is hard. Film production company is although based on the controversial matter. It requires the genuine problems like racial hatred, suppression from the poor and child abuse. Yet, there are countless things to become learned. Film production company did not end without a lessons. Amir, who may have always recognized the dedication of Hassan, finally pays back his sincerity by simply putting his life in danger. The audience is thrilled to watch Amir getting into Afghanistan yet again. The movie is recommended because it provides two sides of the photo; the victim’s side and the assaulter’s side. The audience is definitely relieved to view justice coming to Assef finally from hands of Sohrab.

The movie is also recommended as it teaches that what so ever takes place, the truth is victorious finally and the justice prevails. Although it will probably be fanaticizing to say that the entire community or society received justice, yet up to the scope of the primary characters of movie, there may be some rights seen finally. Although Hassan dies living a tough lifestyle, his child can not just have the fruit of father’s patience and loyalty, he can likewise do well for his community.


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