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The poem ‘Lady Lazarus’ gives us a tip into the stressed life from the poet Sylvia Plath. She lost her father at an early age. Supported only by her mother your woman went through an extremely rough years as a child. In fact , Sylvia Plath steered clear of a near fatal car accident in her childhood and went on to try suicide two times in the next years of her life. In the poem, Plath lets her emotions movement and storage sheds light on her distress.

With this poem, Sylvia Plath uses Holocaust symbolism extensively.

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The Holocaust, being widely known, identifies the inhuman torture and exploitation in the Jews by the Nazis. The first mention of the gruesome Holocaust comes in the shape of a comparability between herself and a Nazi lampshade. Unbelievable as it might seem, the Nazis applied the skins of the Jews to make lampshades. Plath seems that this wounderful woman has been found in a similar method. Throughout her life Plath had been out-and-in of medical center.

My numbers were so high that she felt like a subject on display; merely a, inconsequential living thing where the doctors happily performed various experiments. The Nazis used to remove all important articles from the Jews, which includes expensive fabrics like sheets and pillowcases. Plath identifies her epidermis as Jew linen, once again indicating that the girl was used because an object.

Plath suffered a nervous breakdown in her childhood. To cure her, doctors got no choice but to work with shock treatment, subjecting her to intolerable pain along the way. In the poem, Plath uses the word ‘charge’ which has a pun on it, talking about the raw pain inflicted on her by the doctors. In cases like this, a parallel can be attracted to the inhuman torture experienced by the Jews.

In the composition, Plath identifies herself as a ‘valuable’ and a ‘pure gold baby’, which is again an example of Holocaust imagery. It really is widely believed that the Nazis were so cruel that they can not only utilized the Jews to do physical work nevertheless also applied their systems to make things like soap. Their fantastic teeth were plucked out and melted to generate valuables including wedding jewelry. Their people were in that case burnt to erase all trace of their existence. The mention of all this in the poem makes us believe that Sylvia Plath regarded herself to be stifled, oppressed and used, just like the Jews.

Finally, a striking similarity is noticed in the manner by which Plath chose to end her life and the methods used to exterminate the Jews. The Jews had been killed in gas sections where toxic gases devoured their internal organs. Plath fully commited suicide by simply putting her head inside an oven, and died as a result of gas poisoning. In my opinion this is perhaps mainly because she experienced herself and so alike the Jews that she desired to end her life in the very same manner.

Thus, we are able to safely conclude that Holocaust imagery forms a significant element of Sylvia Plath’s poem ‘Lady Lazarus’.


After critically analyzing the poem, the Holocaust imagery which has been used widely, appears fairly powerful in conveying the poet’s message. It really is clear through the poem that Sylvia Plath felt this wounderful woman has been motivated to suicide by culture as a whole. Obviously, she assumed that your life had been too unfair with her.

This sense stems from her childhood, when ever she shed her daddy. This horrific incident still left a gaping void in her life. A major part of her ethical support have been cruelly snatched from her. To add to this, Plath a new pitiable medical record. She made regular visits for the hospital during her life. The severe shock treatment she received shook her completely. Once Plath got married, her personal life suffered even more. Her husband had been unfaithful with her, further frustrating her pitiable condition. General, Plath’s existence was disappointing to say the least. Plath was consumed by self-pity throughout her life.

In this regard, the Holocaust imagery utilized by Plath is very effective and ideal. It reminds us of history’s most bad tale of cruelty. This kind of justifies its use to depict Plath’s existence.

However , in other respects, the Holocaust symbolism cannot successfully portray Plath’s life. An essential reason being the Jews always had the will to survive. They were users of an well-off community who were stripped away all their assets by the Nazis. Plath however had experimented with suicide two times. This is a glaring difference between Plath’s life as well as the Holocaust, rendering it quite useless in offerring her communication.

Another important big difference is that the Holocaust was a organized genocide which usually involved the death of approximately six million people. Plath’s comparison appears quite unimportant in this aspect, as she talks about the death of the single person (herself).

Finally, one of the most significant differences is the fact Plath regarded death to be a performance. Towards the end of the poem, Plath says that your woman was about to rise like a phoenix, az, referring to her own death. To her, attaining death was like being resurrected, as she’d be free of her stressed life. Plath believed death to be a method of attaining success over lifestyle. She obviously mentions that when she made it her second suicide attempt, it was a theatrical comeback. In comparison, the Holocaust was only about making people into giving up their very own lives.

Hence, in my opinion, choosing these elements and many more refined differences on to consideration, the Holocaust imagery is fairly successful in selling Plath’s concept.