Lan based products on hand system article

Published: 20.02.2020 | Words: 703 | Views: 470
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1 . 1 Background of the Trouble

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Nowadays, electronic system is the primary tool that can help to lessen the effort and increase data sincerity. Working in a business that has zero system requires a lot of effort and time to obtain the data that they can want for the reason that large section of the process of the business is manual.

MIS (Management Information System) Office is usually divided into 3 (3) sections: Systems Creation and Operations Section, Network and Technological Maintenance Section, and Education and Teaching Section.

The project will only focus on among the three portions, which is the Network and Technical Routine service Section..

MISO caters their particular services and requests to other County Offices and National Firms within the Pasig City Area. Some of these departments and office buildings are the License Office, Treasurer’s Office, Accounting Office, Nationwide Statistics Business office (NSO), etc .

Network and Technical Repair is having a hard time in keeping their records since all of it is drafted down on conventional paper.

If he or she need to find a specific statement, they would must travel through the stack of service records in the office. This consumes too much effort. All needs for peripheral devices, just like printers, key boards, and monitors, are in the form of a notice, and all asks for for solutions like fine-tuning and assembly will both be in the shape of a notification or a mobile call.

The Network and Specialized Maintenance Section mostly looks at the portion and monitoring of peripheral devices because their major problem at the office. Technicians cannot define clearly whether a certain peripheral system is dropped, damaged, for disposal, and so forth

1 . a couple of Overview of the existing State of the Technology

LOS Office is responsible for research, creation, implementation and management of integrated computerized application system of the city authorities. It is in-charge of offering technical details and educationto the city authorities employees and its particular constituents coming from all barangay through the Computer Literacy Programs.

Work is responsible for maintaining the existing data network connection in different offices where the digital system during installation and employed, and updates/coordinates with the builder of the Network Installation to get troubleshooting and preventive routine service. It is also in-charge of considering, monitoring and maintaining almost all computer products and directs the utilization of Information Technology (IT) in the diverse government procedure of Pasig City.

The department that should request a peripheral unit is required to supply a letter of request towards the Head of MIS office. If the Mind of MIS office authorized their request, the tech will find out if the gadgets are available of course, if so , the technician will certainly record and deploy the devices within the designated business office.

Network and Technical Protection Section is merely authorized to perform all the technical support. If they are likely to deploy a tool, they have to record to the inventory the peripheral device that they can pulled-out. By recording these devices, they have to compose on the log book all the details needed just like type of peripheral device, dramón number, name of office, borrowed particular date, name of technician in-charge, and feedback.

To do technological service, the department that needs technical support is going to call to MIS business office and request a technician. The technician needs to have the services slip before they go towards the other department. If the problem can be fixed within the workplace, the specialist will fill-up the form and indicate the actual have done. The employee who expected for support will confirm and sign in the assistance slip. But if it cannot be fixed inside the area, these devices will be pulled-out to the chosen office increase in brought to the MIS workplace. After bringing the device to the MIS office, the technician will record or log in the information with the peripheral gadget on the log book of course, if the device has already been fixed, the technician will log-out or return these devices to the office.