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Differences Among Police Pr Programs and Police-Community Contact Programs Police-Community Relations courses and Law enforcement officials Public Relations courses are similar in lots of ways, but not are certainly not identical or perhaps interchangeable, according to Barker, and Seeker in 2011. Police-Community Relations can be described as philosophy of police government, which looks for to require community and police in ongoing making decisions concerning procedures which influence both. Law enforcement Public Relations programs involve larger and more sophisticated goals than Police-Community contact programs. A single purpose of public relations programs is to develop and look after a productive working environment intended for police departments to operate within, through telling the public about why representatives and departments do what they do, and by improving their own general public image as primarily community helpers and first responders, worthy of the public respect and cooperation that is certainly necessary for law enforcement operations (Barker & Hunter, 2011).

Applications strive to effect the following parti: the pubic in order to gain support; politicians, to achieve funding; and staff, in order to gain consistency in operations (Barker & Seeker, 2011). Police-Community Relations applications, however , happen to be aimed towards integration of community organizations and authorities organizations in to partnerships dedicated to combating both equally criminal and social complications (Barker & Hunter, 2011).

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These programs determine types of companies, implementation of programs, potential problem areas, and problem solving components (Barker & Hunter, 2011). Activities and processes of Police-Community Relationships programs and Police Public Relations programs compare as well. Law enforcement officials Public Relations system activities happen to be standardized, repetitive, predictable, manageable, routinized, specialized, and agency oriented (Barker & Seeker, 2011). Data flows toward public only. Police-Community Relations programs has to be flexible, reflexive, adaptable, and community focused (Barker & Hunter, 2014). Extent of departmental participation varies with, however , company breadth is usually narrow, compartmentalized, and specialized with Police Public Relations applications, and get across divisional with Police-Community Contact programs.

The location of Oshawa Public Relations Workplace in New york, through a mature public affairs specialist, delivers information to citizens about departmental activities, functioning through “community relations/special events, mass media relations, employee/internal communications and marketingcommunications, and offers National Particular date Observance, a Ride Along Program, a Citizens Schools, and exterior projects, which usually educate people and improve community-police relations, according to the City of Durham web page. It fulfills the definition for the Police Public Relations program, seeing that information moves in one course, and the plan is agency-oriented, specialized, and has incidents that repeat annually, according to the following web page: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Community Contact, according to the Charlotte website, looks for “to develop trust and communications between officers and citizens, functioning closely with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, employing a Police Grievance Review software, which addresses police wrong doings and a Police-Community Relationships Award software, recognizing thirty-two citizen teams and representatives, who have built significant contributions to police-community relations. It meets the meaning for a Police-Community Relations software, since details flows both towards, and from residents, and the software focuses on the police-community romantic relationship, and is community-oriented.


Barker, T., Seeker, R.. ( 2011). Law enforcement Community Relationships and the Administration of Justice, 8th education, Prentice Area: Saddle Water.

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