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Aspects of a Contract

The Contract: Overview

Fabulous Resort has engaged my solutions as a worker (my placement being that in the event that head chef) under an employment contract that spans 2 years. Two years down the road, another hotel could be interested in my companies. The problem is; the employment agreement cited above has a section that states as follows:

“The below-signed wants not to work as a chef for another hotel in the same metropolitan location for a length of two years after leaving the employ. “

Of important importance in cases like this is whether the said deal is enforceable. What are the elements that the particular deal must satisfy for it being enforceable? Any kind of circumstances where this arrangement would be unenforceable? These are a number of the issues that will probably be addressed inside the subsequent parts of this textual content.

Elements of a Valid Contract: Debate in Relation to these Scenario

Numerous elements has to be present for the given agreement to be recognized as a contract. This means that if some of the said factors is missing or missing, then the contract cannot be deemed as a deal, at least from the best perspective. The five aspects of a valid deal identified by Seaquist (2012, p. 138) include “offer, acceptance, account, capacity, legality. ” Let me highlight each of these elements under.


Two of the celebrations mentioned in cases like this are the offeror and the offeree. These in respect to Seaquist (2012) are the two essential parties active in the formation of your contract. Below, one of the two parties mentioned promises to either employ or refrain from engaging in some specified action either about commencement of the contract or perhaps at some point in the future. Is it doesn’t offeror whom makes a deal and desires or holds back for the same being accepted or rejected by offeree. In this regard, consequently , an offer is merely an expression in the offeror’s motivation to enter to a contract. It therefore follows that if recognized, as I is going to indicate below, he who made the said present will be bound by the same. It is also vital that you note that relating to Seaquist (2012), two other things (in addition to being rejected and acceptance) could take place after a deal is made. The offer could either ciel or be revoked. Lapsing according to the author “refers that an offer would not last forever” (Seaquist 2012, p. 142). In that consider, therefore , depending on situation, the offer can expire following the passage of any given length of time. Revocation is just the approach by offeror to take back the offer. For this to be effective in legislation, however , it will take place prior to acceptance occurs.


An acceptance in the words of Twomey and Jennings (p. 271) “is the assent of the offeree to the terms of the offer. ” In most cases, the said approval could either be done orally or in writing. In that respect, therefore , is it doesn’t acceptance with the offer (by the offeree) made by the offeror that constitutes the system known as an agreement. Some writers see give and acceptance as being signed up with at the hip. In the arrangement to establish a contractual romance therefore , “one party need to offer to into a legal agreement, and another get together must recognize the the offer” (Miller, p. 192).


This is certainly yet another important element of a legitimate contract. In accordance to Callier and Jentz (2007), “any promises created by parties should be supported by legally sufficient and bargained-for consideration. ” This kind of as the author points out could possibly be something of value promised or received with a great intention of convincing the