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Oprah Winfrey, Analytical, Maya Angelou, Ulysses S Scholarhip

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Leadership regarding Confucius

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Conditional Essay: Oprah in using a Confucian Point of view

When one looks at thousands of leaders of all time, one thinks of brave people like Abraham Lincoln subsequently, George Buenos aires and Costs Gates. Nevertheless , this conventional paper seeks to determine what the most significant qualities of your leader are actually with regards to the requirements set forth simply by Confucius. The standards set are definitely the ones established by Confucius in regards to what makes an effective head in terms of the small picture (getting people to carry out what one particular wants) as well as the larger photo (making true change that world demands and requires). This conventional paper will analyze the work and life of any living number: someone who has touched a tremendous volume of lives and who has used her benefits and affect to promote good. This newspaper will analyze the life and work of Oprah Winfrey and assess how she suits perfectly in to the parameters of good leadership mentioned previously by Confucius.

Possessing virtue is 1 manner in which somebody can be an powerful leader: this can be truly and absolutely an important quality to Confucius. Consider the story of Ramayana: the values and virtues of leadership will be discussed rather plainly:

“Soft in presentation, sedate and peaceful, searching for still the holy path

Calm in conscious worth and valour, taunt nor cavil waked his wrath

In the field of conflict excelling, boldest warrior middle the strong

In the structure chambers musing on the stories by elders told

Dedicated to the sensible and learned, truthful in his deed and word

Rama dearly cherished his people and his people loved their particular lord!

For the Brahmans pure and holy Rama credited obeisance built

To the poor and to the helpless more deeply love and honour paid out, ” (Overton, 333)

This is certainly clearly not only a rash or perhaps impulsive leader: thus, in respect to Confucius one of the major features of leadership is somebody who thinks prior to he acts, and whom considers can be actions very carefully. Oprah Winfrey plainly embodies these kinds of qualities. She actually is someone who has a complete staff of advisors who are there to assist discuss and strategize with her in terms of every maneuver that the lady should or perhaps could make provided her profession and her network. An additional quality of leadership that Confucius obviously values is definitely strong reverence to intelligence. Wisdom can be gained through experience and through examine: Oprah has very vocally made it crystal clear that this is a priority to her. Winfrey is very public regarding her problems throughout the child years and lifestyle, sharing her childhood of abuse and discussing how she trained herself to learn, being previously illiterate. This can be someone who reached her achievement through a great deal of struggle and who as a result gained a huge amount of wisdom throughout the way. The oprah show also uses her electricity as a dependable media character to promote reading. Oprah a new book golf club long before it was popular and was someone who urged Americans to start examining again. This is a highly virtuous quality: Oprah is somebody who values education and would like to use the benefits of her impact to acquire others to value that as well also to see the good that is inherent within it.

Another aspect of the virtue of management that is itemized by Confucius is the declaration “In the palace rooms musing for the tales simply by elders informed, ” (Overton, 333). This can be strongly evocative of the way Oprah is extremely vocal about her long term friendship with Maya Angelou. Angelou was a wiser parent and The oprah show never hesitated to have her on the show and never hesitated to talk about the insights and intelligence that Angelou provided.