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It is a combination of the Indio and Christian ideals because Pi views them, and he features both worldviews.

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For Pi, one belief system is too few. Everything that is definitely kept independent or by itself is automatically incomplete. It is crucial to him that one features beliefs and faith, both of which Pi understood to require thoughts. He shows this in his disdain of agnostics, seeing their lack of ability to imagine if there is or perhaps isn’t a Our god or gods as a declining, and a lack of identification. He causes this even more specific when he recounts how his immersion in the Hindu religion began in his infancy, and states that “religion is somewhat more than rite and routine. There is what the rite and ritual stand for” (Martel 48). Pertaining to him, what they stand for is known as a way of thinking and viewing the earth that does not exclude other viewpoints, but that patiently imagines life via many sides. During his trip inside the lifeboat, it is this ability to see points from another’s perspective that allows him to get to an understanding with Richard Parker and survive.

It is Pi’s ability to observe multiple facts from extensively varied perspectives that enables him not only to make it through, but to business lead the successful and mentally fulfilling lifestyle it is very evident he has. In many ways, he learned this from growing up as the son of a zookeeper and working with the many animals. His father lists the many dangers of the various animals, which shows Pi to respect all of them, but he comes to an even greater understanding of these people as well. This could also be seen as an mixture of Christian and Hindu influences. It is more of a Indio concept to think that pets are equal – by least generally – to people. His Indio father, however , instills just fear in Pi regarding the pets or animals dangers. The Christian principles of consideration and of a concealed purpose pertaining to even the the majority of seemingly pointless, dangerous, and/or disgusting creatures. Pi shows his transition towards this sort of thinking and away from the natural negativity of his dad in his early comments regarding suffering:

“When you’ve experienced a great deal is obviously, each added pain can be both intolerable and trifling. My life is a lot like a memento mori painting from Euro art: almost always there is a smiling widely skull at my side to remind me of the folly of human goal. I make fun of this skull. I look at it and I declare, ‘You’ve got the wrong fellow… I avoid believe in fatality. Move on! ‘” (Martel 5).

Pi has moved past the negative practices and emotions of his past with no abandoning his long kept beliefs. Instead, he is able to integrate new philosophy and principles into his identity and his sense on the planet. This is what makes Pi profitable, and viewing him as he retells and relives his journey of discovery creates a very pleasurable and maybe even life altering studying experience.