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A female once said, “There is no life devoid of color. ” This is just the case together with the main figure of “The Life of Pi”, Pi Patel. Pi is a cast away over a lifeboat during the Pacific Ocean with a tiger, an orangutan, a hyena and a zebra. There is certainly one color that was mentioned many times throughout the story, the color orange. In the story “Life of Pi” by Yann Martel, this color is used being a symbol to get hope and survival.

To hope way to wish for something with objectives of their fulfillment. Pi’s case can be described as pristine example of hoping for anything.

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He has many instances when he gains hope throughout the book, including building a raft, clinching on the island, or maybe finding the meals in the locker of the lifeboat. The most important, is a hope Professional indemnity is given through his friend on the lifeboat, Richard Parker, a four hundred and 60 pound Regal Bengal tiger.

Becoming the color orange, the tiger becomes a good example of hope over the book. Professional indemnity realizes, to keep himself, Richard Parker, and the will to outlive alive, he must tame the tiger. “I had to control him. It was at that moment that we realized this kind of necessity.

It was not a query of him or myself, but of him and me. We were, literally and figuratively, having the same problem. We would live–or we would die–together. ” (Martel, 164) Keeping Richard Parker alive will allow Pi to constantly keep in mind that he is certainly not the only one suffering and this individual has somebody there intended for him, if he can response or not. Although Professional indemnity has many good be optimistic, the author provides the reader reasons as well. Prior to the scene with the sinking with the Tsimtsum, a great interviewer and reporter that is talking to Professional indemnity about the sinking with the ship identifies visiting Professional indemnity later in life by his residence in Canada.

He meets Pi’s family and says that Pi’s daughter, Usha, holds an orange kitten. “Leaning against the sofa inside the living space, looking up at me bashfully, is a little brown girl, pretty in red, very much at home. She’s holding an fruit cat in her arms. ” (92) This scene guarantees the reader that the end result of the account and Pi’s life will probably be not total tragedy. Pi has a existence where he has been successful and has kids of his own. While in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Pi’s just goal was going to survive.

Products on the boat and religion really gave him this will to survive, and Pi was more capable of surviving with them in the presence. During the lifeboat, Pi posseses an orange existence jacket with an orange whistle, a great orange buoy, a glowing orange tarpaulin, and a four hundred and fifty pound Bengal Gambling. Pi is definitely thrown within the lifeboat by Chinese guys with a your life jacket already on him. “One from the men disrupted me by simply thrusting a life coat into my own arms and shouting a thing in Chinese. I noticed an orange whistle dangling through the life clothes. (105) Living jacket is employed by Professional indemnity in making a raft to have a secure place far from Richard Parker, and the whistle is used by taming the top tiger. This individual utilizes his bright fruit survival equipment to stay surviving and keep from Richard Parker. For most in the voyage they take on the lifeboat, Richard Parker remains within the tarpaulin, possibly from the beginning. After Pi will be shifted overboard in the lifeboat, he admits that “I couldn’t see Richard Parker. He wasn’t for the tarpaulin or perhaps on a counter. He was at the bottom of the boat. ” (106) Richard Parker having orange fur, is a symbol of survival.

This individual keeps Professional indemnity alert and continuously reminds him of his circumstance. Religion performed a big component to Pi’s life, and this individual prayed 3 x a day every day while he was on the boat. His family’s faith is Hinduism, and fruit is the color of the second Hindu chakra, that happen to be believed to be centers of the human body from which a person might collect strength in the faith. Throughout his entire quest, he was forever in contact with something which was the color orange, and that is why it becomes synonymous with survival. Every single item and detail of his trip aids him in your survival, and is section of the outcome of him being rescued.

Colour orange will always be remembered by Pi and readers because the color of hope and survival. The color gives readers hope for Pi and gives Professional indemnity the will to survive because of the possessions that are that color. Those items Pi is wearing the boat most aid in his miraculous endurance, just as Richard Parker as well as the religions this individual practices offers a measure of psychological support. These help the small boy keep hope through this horrific disaster. But especially, the fruit color of endurance and wish will always be known as the color that resulted in him with your life.