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Stone Angel

In The Stone Angel, Maggie Lawrence shows a woman looking to understanding their self and her life. Hagar is the narrator of the book. She is ninety, and is planning to avoid a vintage aged house where her son Marvin, and Marvins wife Bateau want to put her. Throughout this her attempt to move to Shadow Point and live alone, Hagar recalls the many regions of her your life and her life tale is showed the reader in that fashion. Hagar grew up in Manawaka, in the prairies. Hagars mother died while giving beginning to her, and her dad Jason Currie had a great stone angel brought by Italy at a great charge for Mrs. Curries severe. Hagar experienced two friends, Matt and Daniel. Daniel was a laid back boy, and was incredibly delicate actually. Daniel died at 20 of pneumonia. Matt intended to go to university or college, but Hagar was sent by her father. He married, although never had children, and died of disease with out putting up a fight in his death foundation. Hagar ultimately goes to school and results to marry Brampton Shiptley, against her fathers can. At that point the girl loses contact with her father. Hagar eventually regrets marrying Bram, who have often embarrasses her. Hagar and Bram have two boys, Marvin and Ruben. Hagar never really loves Marvin, and when this individual moves away, she goes out with John. The girl loves him, and does almost everything for him.

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They eventually return to Manawaka once Brampton is dying. At that point John is love with Arlene, some thing Hagar does not understand neither approve of. Ruben tragically dies while executing a stop while consumed. Hagar ways to the coastline, buys a house, and ultimately ends up living her last times with Marvin and his better half Doris. Soon enough before her death Hagar realizes many things about herself. First of all that her cardiovascular is made of natural stone, secondly that she has a lot of pride like her father, and thirdly that she is blind, or put simply she can simply see items from one perspective, her personal. These attributes and those in the stone angel, which was made of stone, was erected away of pride, and has no eyes, happen to be strikingly similar.

Throughout Hagars recollection of the previous there are many occasions where Hagar could not exhibit her feelings. This is found very early when Hagars father punishes her and she will not cry in his presence. Once her brother Daniel is dying of pneumonia, Ellen insists that Hagar holder him with her moms shawl. Hagar wants to help her sibling, but cannot because it requires love. One more example of Hagars heart of stone is that she is unable to tell her dad that she gets that He should be likely to university instead of her. Once Brams favourite horse runs away and dies in a storm, Hagar shares Brams distress over the death, yet doesnt be honest or make an effort to soothe Bram. Only near the end of her lifestyle does Hagar show her emotions by sharing with Marvin the girl with frightened, but remains ashamed to have revealed her emotions. At this point Hagar realizes that her cardiovascular is made of natural stone, and that she has been hard and never opened up to anyone, like the stone angel. The rock angel was brought from Italy, as being a symbol with the Currie loved ones pride, rather than as much to honor Mrs. Currie. Jerrika Currie offers incredible pleasure, and upon his death leaves his money to the city so that he’d be remembered. Hagar offers inherited this kind of pride. For this reason pride Hagar doesnt recognize John and Arlenes love, because of Arlenes background. Hagar never really loves her son Marvin none, because he can be not the type of son she wants. Hagar is also chilly with Lottie and Mrs. Jardine after meeting them, because of her pride. Because of this pride Hagar is also blind, for your woman can only discover things coming from her point of view. She are unable to see that her son really loves Arlene, your woman only sees Arlenes history. Hagar can’t see that Lottie is in the same situation as herself both because she actually is blind. Murray Lee helps Hagar discover this and helps her open up a little. Hagars blindness is comparable to the rock angel because the stone angel never had any eye carved in it. Hagars cold emotional express, her take great pride in, and her blindness are extremely similar to those qualities inside the stone angel.

Hagars understanding of himself grows a whole lot during the last days of her existence as your woman reminisces of the past and spends time with many people.

Her life story is certainly not tragic, yet her primary bad features of being cold emotionally, her great satisfaction which in turn caused her loss of sight, are showed her through her recollection of her life and throughout the plan. Hagar knows these things, but it is too late to change.

These qualities revealed through the story describe the stone angel.