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I imagine I was internet dating a human or perhaps an onion. I just keep in mind when I was 17 years of age, I believed in like I saw towards the most good looking boy, we started a relationship. At the begining everything was amazing: details, huge smiles, true love but through the period the relationship was getting more serious, he had improved he required a very solid attitude, he was calling me all the time, receive a message from him it was stress filled, his sarcastics comments made me feel unfortunate. I suffered of blackmail comments including, if you end up receiving me I will kill personally I could not really deal with that situation and I decided to end up getting that romance. This account is a type of dysfunctional relationship, that influences our teen generation, exactly where we do not feel confidence with the partner and recognize to suffer of blackmail. Even though we are in love it is important to analyze yourself, if we happen to be being mentally and physically abuse, these types of actions enable us to develop low self confidence that destruction our health and our studies as well. As a result people who generate us feel les and take the control over us is a sign of your toxic marriage, unhealthy relation that involves results and preventions.

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According to Riso (2010) when ever in take pleasure in relationships the infatuation can be confused with love, people come to justify emotional battling and wrap up entangled in a negative romantic relationship that unhealthy and complicates life, since they incorrectly believe that take pleasure in is like might you have to do anything for him, In these relationships, individuals are subject to a great usage by keeping the relationship only and many of which weaken literally and psychologically, leaving aside his very own personality and essence since individuals reaching to the point of refuse themselves like a legitimate others in promiscuité in order to keep a romantic relationship irrational and anguished. (Riso, 2010).

It can be hard and often paintful, but the cynical comments, the excesive control and the method of behaving of your partner, permit the verbal and psychological mistreatment, we simply cannot express our opinion and that we know that when a problem is comming we are all hearing for each of our partner, however it comes to all of us we know that it can be something wich do not rely with, we feel dread and damage it psychologically.

“Emotional abuse can include verbal strike, dominance, control, isolation, poker fun at, or the make use of intimate knowledge for degradation. It focuses on the psychological and psychological well-being of the victim, in fact it is often a iniciador to physical abuse. There is a high correlation between physical abuse and emotional mistreatment in batterer populations and verbal misuse early within a relationship predicts subsequent physical spousal mistreatment. ” (Manuscript, 2013).

Moreover it is incredible the existence of physical maltreatment, how our patner starts to mistreat our body in a low level. According to Bemgall despise both each of our problems and our personal merits when we have a negative day or a problem to solve we are often all ears for our partner and allocate all our energies in assisting them or perhaps helping those to find alternatives.

However, when it comes to us, we know that having our lively listening is usually an option that you don’t count with. Furthermore it truly is incredible arsenic intoxication physical misuse in a relationship, our partner starts to mistreat our body in a low level. Additionally it is normal to use psychological blackmail around, our patner get upset if we do not do what exactly they want, they inflict their opinión “as the way how to dress, and those who should be component to us nearest circle”. (Psicologia, 2016).

Secondly the effects that this marriage causes, such as personality that involves low self confidence, we ignore ourselves and feel less than our spouse, exits something about us that they can not value enough, do not have dreams and we think that we do not deserve anything. The sensation of low self-esteem and dread appear in order to has never been right now there before, we need to be careful. This kind of fear of moving toward anytime, if we will be with a one who puts us in an embarrasing situation and allow us to have our personal space to be free and that we just stuck in any part of our lifestyle it means we are with a toxic and insecure person. It is possible the insecure person is projecting their own insecurities among us to be able to feel self-assured. Equally important is always to show what sort of toxic romance damage our health and wellness producing a vicous brain and body cycles.

According to Pamela Hobart “stress, fear and anxiety could cause symptoms such as, indigestion, nausea and vomiting, as much stress we have as much insomnia we will have”. (Horbart, 2016). Concurrently this bad relationship is affecting our health, it allows to formulate low attention in our studies, we overlook goals, each of our behavior, the way of always be change and we do not care about our profesional and academic training.

On the other hand it is necessary to know preventing an unhealthy relationship, because whenever we feel that we could losing our mental, psychological and sentimental balance, we must recognize how come we want to maintain a romantic relationship, we take in consideration forest main factors as Danny Guzman reveals us in the document, firstable try to control our emotions, be sure as to what we want but not take negative decisions, everything has the appropriate time, as being a second element be careful with people that use to state lies, whenever we discover when, it is better finish up inmediately because kind of person does not respect us, as well as the third factor is about personality, analyze yourself, try to always be focus on what we should really want of course, if we have someone analyze the things we do not like, what we do not find out. (Guzman, 2016).

Currently taking decisions sometimes is going to be hard, because all of us love our partner, but we have to stop and speak up planning to be noticed, identify the favorable and bad things because it is usual to see how we stopp doing that which we prefer, we do not have time for you to take care themselves and what we do is just what our partner says we have to do. For these reasons you need to think and let ourselves become in what we want, be part of someone who gives all of us love, patient and focus. Although we deliver an opportunity to the partner of change and recognize that this type of attitudes still being part of that person we love, the very best we can carry out is to mantain distance and say good night, because that which we need is let ourselves grow. Nobody said that love is usually giving without the kind of limits. The most important is definitely be content, we have a definite limit, and it is respect and love to get ourselves, which is above all else. We do not have to ignore our expectations, desires and dreams trying to be in a situation that is detrimental for us. Whenever we are immersed in a situation on this kind, we now have the power to talk about not more and when we decide, we can end suffering and we will be able to open the door and discover a different fact, to a upcoming full of concretions, optimism and good treatment.

Because shown over talk about a toxic romance includes a large number of important factors such as precisely what are the characteristics that help all of us to recognize if we are in a unhealthy regards and being verbally abused and how this example can affect in a negative method the personality and we develop health issues. Definitely it is important to assess ourselves and establish a good communication with our partner, to stop a dangerous relation and become sure with what we feel, because in the beginning our connection could be amazing, but with time it become worse, atttitudes modify, excesive control, we undergo of blackmail. For this reason it is important to think if this sounds what we need for each of our life, ask to ourselve why basically am battling I continue to continue being a part of this individual’s life. Remember it does not matter if we are in love, what matters is to be cheerful and avoid people that can damage ourselves.