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A young child related reason as to why a young child may become cared for is because of handicap for example Down syndrome.

This is how a child struggles to function in everyday life in the same way as everyone else. Ways in which we’re able to help the child is through specialised maintain example using treatments and medication suited to the requirements to make all of them well or improve the quality of life. Also your child could have interaction with other kids who suffer from similar illness like them to help them socialize and feel better about themselves. A weakness on this is that several parents are unable to accept your child having a impairment and are uneducated on how to cope with them so this also is actually a reason they turn to be a taken care of child.

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One more child related reason why a child could become looked after is through doing a criminal offence. This is how the child will commit against the law by downloading copyrighted movies for example physical violence and robbery. The reason for the child being removed could be that they are being influenced by various other children about the area that they live in so to experiment and see if the child remains to be misbehaved when away from all those children they are often taken in to foster proper care. Another case for this is when they are being looked after it could possibly cause them to never recommit the crime and avoids doing harm to other people.

Consist of cases the parent can disown your child for committing the criminal offenses. The next child related purpose a child can become taken care of is through learning problems. This means the child has an incapability to learn which usually doesn’t enable them to progress intellectually as a result of delayed creation and it may affect everyday routine.

This is because it might affect the child’s future and independence by way of example they are struggling to learn so unable to head to college and receive any qualifications and so they are unable to take a job, also there can be limited use of education, resources and resources for the child’s difficulties. The parent might also not be able to cope and think the child is definitely not regular compare to all the other children and this could lead to disregard which could always be another reason leading the child to become a looked after kid. Behavioural challenges is an issue in which may provoke children to become taken care of. This is the array of actions and mannerisms made by the child which are generally unacceptable.

The key reason why in for what reason the child could become looked after is basically because the behaviour could affect other bros for example if perhaps child leading is always desperately behaved child number two can see kid one is getting attention and thus imitate all their behaviour. The kid could bad taken away to get respite proper care so the parents can relax or intended for therapy, they just do not necessarily must be put into day after day full time attention. A family related reason as to why a child may become looked after is due to suspected or actual maltreatment.

This is a type of poor treatment or forget, if a kid doesn’t include basic should satisfy them such as food, shelter and hygiene then it would be approximately social attention workers to make sure they receive this treatment from turning into looked after. In the event the child doesn’t receive the correct care plus the social treatment worker does not work out them after that this could trigger risk of harm/illness or even death. It could influence their physical, emotional, social and mental development.

Likewise could damage the future of the child for example cause the child to be bullied and so therefore they make excuses not to go to college which puts their education at risk plus they are unable to get a job from having no certification and no assurance. Another family members related explanation as to why a child may become looked after is through parent health issues. This is when the parent can be unwell. If they happen to be mentally or physically struggling to function or fulfil a child’s needs then this will become a matter for a sociable worker.

If perhaps they was unable to accept the functions and responsibilities of being a parent or guardian then the basis for this could be the parent problems financially as they are unable to job due to their disease and so the kid may not acquire his/her complete wellbeing this may be a reason they turn to be looked after. Likewise another reason could be that the father or mother is dying from cancers and it could be too much pressure for the kid to see all of them deteriorate therefore this could be another reason as to why they turn to be looked after. Parental capacity is another reason as to why a child could become looked after.

This is when the parent or guardian is unable to maintain a child pertaining to various reasons behind example may not be able to afford to look after these people, cannot cope with the child and their basic needs. The parent could also offer an addiction so their focus are not right for example installed alcohol ahead of the child’s foodstuff. This would cause great concern for a social worker therefore therefore the kid may become cared for in engender care, or in rest bite treatment until the father or mother becomes clean.