Lossless text message compression

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The standard requirement of Text message compression system is that the combination of compression decompression mechanisms being lossless otherwise data may not be restored in actual format. The data compression by text substitution system is used by simply [3][6]. The scheme of data compression mechanisms includes alterations among various factors, like degree of compression, amount of distortion presented, for lossy compression algorithm and the computational resources necessary to compress and uncompress info.

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The mechanism given below is used intended for lossless textual content compression inside the Color-Coded encryption at the source end employed by Huffman:

Huffman Encoding Compression Formula

The Huffman encoding algorithm can be an optimal compression algorithm in which the event of each notice or symbol is used to compress your data. The plan at the rear of the strategy is that for anyone who is having several letters that are more repeated as compared to others and it makes common sense to use lesser bits to encode individuals letters than to encode the significantly less repeated characters [4]. This formula builds the base up shrub using the occurrence of each notice or symbol.

Initially, every notification starts off as part of its own tree and forest are ordered by the happening of the characters in the real string. Then a two least repeatedly utilized letters happen to be combined into a single tree and the frequency of that tree is scheduled to be the put together frequency in the two woods that it links together. This new tree is reinserted in the record of trees in its sorted place. The procedure is definitely afterward repeated treating woods with more than one particular component the same as any other trees and shrubs except that their very own frequencies will be the sum in the frequencies of all the so-called letters on the leaves. This is certainly just the amount of the left and right children of any node because every single node stores the regularity information about its children. The process completes the moment all of the woods have been put together into a single shrub. This forest describes a Huffman compression encoding.

Normally tree is style from the bottom up manner: we start out with 256 forest and end up having a single shrub with 256 leaves along with 255 internal nodes. The forest has attention-grabbing property: the occurrences of all the so-called internal nodes combined with each other will give the entire number of portions required to write down thier encoded data file

I. Suggested system

This paper proposes a cryptographic security and decryption method named Color coded cryptography which in turn uses the colour and Huffman compression techniques to compress the info. This is a symmetrical program which is implemented by security of textual content by converting it in colored photo. Each character of the meaning is protected into a lot of blocks of color. The inverse process is used to make the original text message from coloured image on the receiver side.

Features of proposed Program

Every single character in the plaintext is definitely substituted having a color blocks from the offered 18 decillions of colors on the globe and at the receiving end the cipher text prevent which is in colored image is decrypted into basic text. It really is resilient against problems just like Meet in the middle attack, Birthday attack and Brute push attacks [2]. How big the plain text can be reduced launched encrypted, within a lossless fashion. The space busy by the cipher text in the buffer is very less, therefore transfer of cipher text message through a indication channel is incredibly fast which in turn subsequently brings down the transport cost [2].


The problem definition is always to suggest something capable of carry out lossless data compression on binary data using encryption and decryption. It also works as a strategy to the data security needs with the user, keeping important role in environments where privacy of information is critical and thus contributing to data security. The encoding and compressing strategies need to be computationally and functionally efficient and must look up to provide an optimal solution to the above-mentioned challenges.

The machine is capable of taking insight in the form of textual content files in whose binary portrayal is refined and thus encrypted in a color picture. One of the appropriate compression way for data compression which is called Huffman coding is used around the encrypted info to ensure an appropriate adjustment between tasks performed and space complexity problems involved. The design should attain the best appealing compression proportion, with the limited resources of a present-day pcs. As a result, there are firm restrictions on the storage usage as well as the compression speed of the design. The system presently aims to work together with text document in standard ASCII primarily based format.

The system performs on two aspects: Within the Sender area this technique gaze the data file using Huffman encoding and after that encodes the binary record data into a color code encrypted JPEG image record. While On the Receiver area, it does the reverse i actually. e. decrypts the image then decompresses this, bringing back the binary text file.