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Lewis and Clark said to every group that Director Thomas Jefferson was the fresh great daddy of the terrain and offered the Indians a peace medal “with Jefferson on a single side and two hands clasping for the other” and some products (“The Natives, ” PBS. com, 2007). Then the Corps members could perform a sort of parade, walking in line in standard and ritualistically firing their very own guns in to the air (“The Native Americans, inch PBS. com, 2007).

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Good contact among Europeans and Native Americans is probably best exemplified in the character of Sacajawea and her husband the French-Canadian trapper and fur trader, Charbonneau. Lewis and Clark publicly stated that it are not for Sacajawea the trip would have hit with disaster frequently. Once, one of the boats capsized in a immediate squall. Sacajawea, despite the fact the lady was carrying a papoose on her again was able to retrieve all of the documents, books and surveying tools before they will sank towards the bottom with the river (“Sacajawea, ” Noteworthy Women Ancestors, 2007).

The difficulties and temporary friendships experienced between the people of the expedition and Native Americans have been well-documented. However , less publicized may be the final, third challenge confronted by Lewis and Clark – leading their own men. The associates of their officer corps originated in a variety of parts, and their numbers were quite pluralistic in terms of religious, ethnic, educational, and social skills. Many of the guys were discouraged with the journey and empty to establish squatters’ rights for the frontier and escape the strict armed forces discipline enforced by Lewis and Clark simon. “Desertion was a serious problem and was greatly punished, as the loss of just a couple of men in the small garrisons would harm fighting capacity in the event of a great Indian attack” (“Circa 1803, “PBS. com, 2007).

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