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Ultimately, earning Andrea completely irritable and hostile. It is crucial to note that, as they do with Lori, the authors of “The Walking Dead” illustrated Andrea’s weaknesses through a male compare. Specifically, the immature Hazel is paired with Dale, a well balanced man. In several ways, Dale is actually a father-like physique who is consistently kind to Andrea. Although notwithstanding Dale’s kindness, the writers cause Andrea to treat Dale cruelly. She repeatedly manipulates Dale’s feelings, realizing that he landscapes her as being a daughter and taunts him for being a weak person and trying to deal with her.

Contrastingly, the authors consistently represent Dale as being a victim, a caring fatherly figure who provides for Andrea, though she constantly rejects his noble initiatives. In the end, visitors sympathize with Dale while concluding that Donna is self-centered and vicious. Andrea’s immaturity isn’t limited to her relationships with Dale. When Donna expresses a desire to figure out how to properly take a gun, she begins taking lessons (from a man, of course). Although Andrea isn’t a quick student. In fact , the writers represent Andrea since clumsy with guns.

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In a single specific circumstance, a bloody and injured Daryl (a productive man) walks out from the forest and Andrea wrongly believes that he is a zombie. Once she chooses to capture him, Dale warns her to wait before the zombie much more visible, yet she is as well immature to pay attention. Instead, Donna shoots Daryl, nearly getting rid of him. One other immature girl character can be Maggie Greene, Hershel’s eldest daughter. The writers of “The Going for walks Dead” primarily treat Maggie favorably with her act as one of her father’s most important helpers.

But even though her character is initially cured favorably, the writers shortly turn Margaret into yet another immature female. And, again, these authors illustrate Maggie’s character drawback by different them against a male’s strengths. On this occasion, the authors use Glenn, a young, amusing Asian boy who serves as the group’s go-to scout. The Maggie-Glenn relationship varies somewhat in the other male-female relationships in the series in a single critical method: Maggie does not seem to count on Glenn.

Actually Maggie saves his your life on a volume of occasions, and Glenn can be attracted to her many skills. However , Glenn and Maggie’s relationship is affected with its great number of issue and reaches two primary hitches. Glenn and Maggie’s first disagreement occurs the moment Glenn discloses an important top secret about Hershel to the group. Maggie feels betrayed simply by Glenn. However , instead of managing this turmoil in a older fashion, the writers trigger Maggie to behave extremely immaturely. Such as a child, Margaret literally ignores Glenn for quite some time, refusing to even take a look at him.

An additional fight occurs when Glenn freezes within a battle with violent outsiders. Instead of blaming Glenn’s behavior upon personal weakness, the writers have Glenn conclude that his erectile dysfunction during fight is due to feelings for Maggie. In essence, Margaret becomes the scapegoat pertaining to Glenn’s inefficiencies, even though the lady did practically nothing wrong. The writer’s characterization of Maggie is particular unfortunate. Within a television series widespread with sexism and stereotypes, Maggie Greene initially was standing out being a bright spot among a sea of vulnerable and terribly flawed females.