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Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, New

In Ayn Rands vintage novel, Atlas Shrugged, Ragner Danneskjold symbolizes the anti-Robin Hood heart. In Danneskjolds eyes, Robin the boy wonder Hood signifies the reason for robbing from the rich to fulfill the needs in the poor. The legendary main character was non-profit, but not together with his own solutions. He widely dispensed the wealth of his superiors, and lavished that upon these in will need. Danneskjold analyzes this old legend to his modern day times where he raises opposition against the devices which, in the view, extorts from the richs profits through (il)legal taxation etc . Danneskjolds aim is always to sabotage all humanitarian alleviation and help targeted to help the poor, and refill the coffers from the wealthy in whose property was taken. His belief is definitely embedded inside the principle that poverty does not invest a single with the right of stealing nor really does necessity undermine morality even though the end justifies the means. Under the fa?onnage of charity, Robin Hood robs. Robin Hood is definitely lauded being a provider to the poor and the defender from the poors legal rights to your survival on the strength of the earnings of the abundant. In this case, a single observes that Danneskjold is short for meritocracy in its strictest perception. (expand). Inside the broader aspect, one realizes that man will usually have should be satisfied nevertheless having them fulfilled while transgressing the laws and regulations of proper rights, only debases him into a selfish, indiscriminate creature. The idealized Robin Hood flies in the face of and audacieux. Danneskjold can be against the lawless attempt at the same distribution of wealth which Robin Hood sought to accomplish.

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One more of Ayn Rands primary philosophies is definitely Reason which usually theme can be highlighted inside the conflict between the Dark Age groups versus the Enlightenment. The tale of Robin the boy wonder Hood arises from medieval Anglo-Saxon lore where moral, religious, and mental darkness enveloped Europe. The Renascence hadn’t yet come about therefore technology, naval query, philosophy, and science which characterize modern quality were not but pronounced. Danneskjold is as up against the Dark Ages as he is against Robin the boy wonder Hood. The Dark Age groups urged faith and hope, while the Associated with Reason offered atheism, and rationalism. By simply destroying Robin the boy wonder Hood, Danneskjold effectively repudiates all that the Dark Ages represents when embracing The Enlightenment. With this same passageway, he also makes occult meaning to the France Revolution which stemmed from the Age of Reason, and ran in concurrence with all the Enlightenment. The philosophes believed in the power of human progress through the mental exertion and in coming to rational alternatives rather than faith based or emotional ones. The chapter, The Moratorium on Brains, talks about cerebral inactivity/inaction where the head is not really engaged, or perhaps alive. Danneskjold militates resistant to the moratorium in brains and urges logical thought and makes a close interconnection between the The french language Revolution as well as the Robin Engine spirit. Since the French Trend saw the triumph with the common cowboys when they guillotined the nobility, in the same way, Dannneskjold perceived what he discerned as the guillotining with the rich makers by the useless parasitical poor who used up resources from the rich. Category conflict can be nothing fresh and as there were class conflict in Robin the boy wonder Hoods age in England, and Revolutionary Italy, so in Danneskjolds contemporary world, the war rages between the reduce classed looters and wealthy entrepreneurs. It is class issue which sets the stage for the controversy

The predominant values which prevailed during the Regarding Reason are liberalism, laissez faire capitalism, and anti welfare state. Liberalism authenticated the excellent right and freedom of the individual over societys collectivism. Collectivism asserts the greater very good of the the greater part supercedes person will. In Medieval Britain, Robin Bonnet exploited the wealth of couple of rich to ensure that the mass poor gained/benefited, hence he embodied this collectivist policy/school of thought. Those in the upper echelles had simply no right to all their resources due to pressing will need of the (majority). Similarly, over the French Trend, the spirit of Robin the boy wonder Hood was manifested when the wealth and property of people in the upper estates were seized, looted, and shared among the mass peasantry. Laissez-faire (F. allow do) capitalism, sees government intervention inside the financial affairs of individuals while an disturbance which transgresses individual correct. Danneskjold says that he kills Robin Hood by intercepting govt relief ships, subsidy delivers, loan ships, and present ships. The State enforces the policy of redistribution of wealth and gains these kinds of resources through heavy taxation of the rich and hands it down to the clingy. Robin Bonnets aim was to even out the wealth and balance the nations economic system by thieving from the abundant to bestow it to the poor. This kind of humanitarian redistribution of wealth mirrors the principle from the welfare express. In this program, the State supplies needy, poor citizens with alms which means well-off must donate to aid those who are less fortunate, while the Condition, like Robin Hood, programs these funds to the clingy.

In Danneskjolds self-assertion as an antagonist of Robin Bonnet, he actually transforms into a type/form of Robin Engine. As the old saying goes that it takes a robber to capture a thief, Danneskjold turns into an ban himself as he attempt to change what Robin the boy wonder Hood features wrought by recouping what the wealthy shed by robbing from the thieving poor. As Robin Cover epitomizes banned virtue, in the same way, Danneskjold features his own virtue which has been illegal since his activities worked against the government as well as the established government bodies.

Ayn Rands Objectivism philosophizes which the concept of person as a brave being, along with his own delight as the moral purpose of his existence, with fruitful achievement as his most gracious activity, and reason because his just absolute. Her statement encapsulates her morals in individuality, rational egoism, liberalism, man progress and reason. Danneskjold forwards the argument the spirit of Robin Cover promotes the cult of mediocrity among the poor. Large achievers must suffer because under-performers suffer. Unearned assets are given away and passes the desire to get gain while the poor subsists from stealing from the wealthy. Indeed, the parable of Robin the boy wonder Hood declares that Robin the boy wonder Hood and his Merry Guys got all their livelihood not on their own perspiration and work, but simply by anothers beef. Mediocrity stagnates production and hampers our economy by atrophying the weak suffered due to lack of energy. The dependency of the mass population upon the resources in the rich (acquired comforts) delude them in a false sense of stability and complaisance.

Directive 10-289 is the plan which dictated/decreed that deprived citizens of economic independence by stripping certain legal rights. Point three of the Enquête 10-289 says that all us patents, copyrightsdevices, developments, formulas, operations and functions of any kind of nature, will probably be turned to the nation like a patriotic urgent gify by using Gift Certificates etc . Beneath this section in the directive, what the law states wrests the legal denominar right of ownership from your producers/inventors and redistributes equally among the rest of society their patents. By this measure, 1 observes the tradition of Robin Engine being perpetuated through this kind of policy for it snatches in the rich to benefit the mass poor and have-nots. Individual/privatized house by push become open public possession therefore one views the move from personal hands to public domain, through the wealthy towards the poor. The directive can be drafted with the intention of the general well being (497), as the people need it (and) want comes first (491). The end is beneficial to contemporary society as a whole and for the public good and demonstrates the education heart of Robin Hood. Danneskjold purposely flouts the directive 10-289 because he will not believe in it is precepts/tenets that resemble the qualities from the legendary main character so this individual sets going to destroy Robin the boy wonder Hood by simply reversing/ counteracting/ neutralizing his acts. Twisted on time for the producers of prosperity what was thieved from them through the directive, Danneskjold stands since the enemy of Robin Hood, and must incongruously pursue his enemys same steps