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The task of the Little league of Nations is an additional relevant model for pointing out the impact the “manifest destiny” idea experienced on the overseas policy states. In this feeling the basis to get an organization that would prevent another war was the concept which will emerged from the idealistic values of the United States and especially of their president Pat. However , the project did not reach its power due to the absence of the initiator. Hence, the U. S. did not sign the Covenant and the role of the League of Nation was limited in its scope (Kissinger, 1995). Various consider this element to have recently been a great international policy oversight or at least doubt. Therefore , initially in history, the U. T. did not stand behind its own political project (Kissinger, 1995). Still, the actual drafting of the organization represents a proof of the exceptional nature from the U. H. ‘s international policy.

The other World Warfare and the Un, the successor of the League of Nations properly brought a defieicency of “manifest destiny” into the twentieth century. More precisely, the entire idea of the San Francisco Seminar of 1945, from the initially diplomatic initiatives, the Ocean Charter, plus the following serenity conferences underlined the fact the United States was determined, and still is, to follow on the concepts of the divine destiny. Thus, the UN is a practical creation of this thought (Schlesinger, 2003). It symbolizes the diplomatic framework in which the U. H. can manifest its supremacy from most points-of-view with all amounts. Thus, the creation with the Security Authorities ensures that zero decision is definitely taken with no consent in the U. H. And no actions is considered without the inference of the U. S.

Modern-day history gives a series of international events where the U. T. was included and which are the proof of the American extraordinary mission. Therefore, during the Cold War the Truman règle argued a definite opposition with the communist routine. The battle in Vietnam is relevant intended for pointing out the U. H. intervention in the name of human legal rights and democracy (Calvocoressi, 1996); the war on terror is currently waged constantly and across the world with the reported aim of producing the world a safer place. Thus, the us is devoted to its idea of a great nation most likely going to promote democracy, the finest human principles and the esteem for the person, all these elements being portrayed concisely through “manifest history. “


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